Toxicosis is whitened in two groups:
- early;
- Late. Some encounter only with early or only with late ohm. This is a purely individual process that cannot be predicted. Most often latetoxicosis�appears in girls who are pregnant for the first time beginsatclose to 40th dayof pregnancy�and most often by itself disappears.
In case of earlytoxicosisand symptomatic treatment is used, whichatchanges only as a last resort. You must strictly monitor your diet: eat easily digestible, rich in vitamins food. Eat lightly warm food (it is absorbed much better than hot food) often in small portions. Drink non carbonated mineral water.
If you feel nausea, you can eat pear, apple, kiwi, or drink fresh juice from apples, grapes, orange. Positive effectat�cranberry, lingonberry, currant, nausea.
You can use the folk method: slowly chew ginger root and drink it down with mineral water. If you do not have fresh ginger, you can eat 1/3 of a teaspoon of dried ginger and also drink mineral water. You can also add ginger to the tea brew.
Regularly take small walks in the fresh air, so that you do not overwork.
It also helps to reduce nausea with a slice of lemon or mandarin, but here you have to be careful - citrus can only increase the symptomstoxicosisa. Try to add more protein foods (cereals, legumes, seeds, nuts, fish, meat and dairy products) to your daily diet.
Waking up in the morning, do not make sudden movements. Lying in bed you need to eat some nuts or cookies. If you leave the house for a long time, take a cookie or an apple with you. Removeatsignstoxicosisbut you can eat something salty: a rusk, sauerkraut or a pickled cucumber. After you have eaten it is advisable to get some rest, lie down for a couple of minutes. DuringtoxicosisTry not to eat fatty, cold, spicy, or hot foods.
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A very good remedy for toxicosis is to eat a slice of lemon or orange.
Helpful advice
You can try your luck with ice cream: very cold foods do not usually smell. Drink plenty of fluids. During pregnancy it is very important to drink enough water. Do not drink a lot at once, but in small portions between meals, then you will avoid the feeling that you have eaten and will be sick for you.

Tip 2: Toxicosis and urination during pregnancy

Despite the fact that expecting the birth of a child for the future mother is happiness, there are also unpleasant moments in this process that are associated with well-being. These include: toxicosis, convulsions, heartburn, edema, frequent urination, but this is not the whole list of ailments of pregnant women. To alleviate your ailments you need to listen to the advice of a doctor.
Toxicosis and urination during pregnancy


It is characterized by vomiting and nausea, which usually occurs in the morning, but in some people at other times of the day. In the morning, try not to jump right out of bed, better lie down for a while and drink grapefruit juice. By the way, our grandmothers managed to get rid of toxicosis due to warm tea with lemon, which they drank in the morning without getting out of bed.To cope with daytime nausea, you need to eat a slice of lemon or drink mineral water without gas.

Frequent urination

Not all pregnant women have such a problem as frequent urination, however, in the first and third trimester, this happens to many. This is due to the fact that the growing uterus puts pressure on the pelvic organs. In the first months, this happens because the size of the uterus begins to increase and at the same time irritates the bladder. In the second trimester, the uterus rises higher, which means that the frequency of urination is normalized. At the end of the third trimester, be prepared so that the toilet is always near. The head of the fetus will sink to the entrance to the pelvis and the bladder will have to move again, and therefore will always want to use the toilet. Among other things, the amount of urine increases due to the fact that the kidneys begin to work for two. In the event that during incontinence such inconveniences as burning, stinging or pain do not occur, then no medical intervention is required. If the opposite is true, then you should definitely consult a doctor.

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