Tip 5: How to effectively clean the disk from unnecessary files?

You can clean the C drive from unnecessary files in Windows 7 by removing unused applications. To do this, open the system service "Programs and Features" through the control panel (the link is available in the "Start" menu). Wait a while, as the service will update the current list of installed applications. Once the update is complete, for convenience, click on the date column so that applications are displayed in the order of their order of installation.
Pay attention to the programs that you do not use. These can be computer games, outdated versions of applications from Adobe, or other unnecessary components. Many of them can occupy gigabytes on a hard disk, reducing free space. Select one of the programs and click "Uninstall or change." After that, the uninstall service starts, follow its instructions to complete the uninstall process.Repeat this action with all unnecessary applications in the “Programs and Components”.
Use the “Disk Cleanup” service of the same name to clean the C: disk from unnecessary files in Windows 7. You can find it through the Start menu in the System Tools folder (among the installed programs). Tick ​​off the components that you want to remove (basically, this is the system "garbage"), and click "Clean." You will see that this will leave quite a lot of space on drive C.
Open the main menu and click on the folder with the user name (below the image) to go to the user files section. Open the "Downloads" folder (or Downloads) and delete the files that have not been used for a long time from the Internet from here. Do the same with the contents of the “Music” and “Movies” folders, sending all unnecessary items to the trash. Do not forget to empty the recycle bin on the desktop, otherwise the files sent to it will still occupy space on the hard drive.
Try running one of the free programs to clean the C drive: from unnecessary files in Windows 7, for example, CCleaner, Final Uninstaller, SpeedUpMyPC or similar. They can be found and downloaded on the Internet.A huge plus of using these applications is that you don’t have to search for and delete unnecessary files on your hard disk yourself - programs will do it automatically and in just a couple of clicks. In addition, many programs leave various files on the disk even after deletion, therefore applications for cleaning the C: disk from debris are simply necessary, as they quickly and thoroughly remove all traces.

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