Tips for choosing metal tiles

Nowadays, it’s not so easy to choose a high-quality metal tile, because a large variety of materials from different manufacturers is on the market. The quality and durability of your roofing will depend on the quality of the material you choose. Let's look at the main characteristics of the material.

What you need to know about metal tile?

Before you choose and buy a metal tile, you should arm yourself with certain knowledge. This roofing material is made of galvanized steel and is produced in sheets. Each sheet is covered with a protective coating that prolongs the life of the material.

Attractive appearance is provided due to the skillful imitation of the natural tile sheet profile. Fastening can be carried out on any surfaces and structures, as well as the material can be used for arranging the roof of complex shape. The only recommendation is to mount - the angle of inclination should be greater than 14 °.

Due to the reliability of the material, metal tiles are used today in almost all climatic zones for arranging the roof not only for private houses, but also to cover retail outlets, industrial complex buildings, and multi-storey buildings. In addition, it is allowed to lay the metal tile over the old rolled or iron coating.

The strength of metal tile depends on the thickness of the sheet, as well as the quality of its coating. Galvanization provides protection against corrosive processes, as well as cathodic protection of the damaged surface. Due to the low weight of the material, the installation cost is significantly reduced. The life of the metal is about 50 years.

How to choose quality material?

On the current market represented metal tiles, both domestic and foreign production. Naturally, foreign companies have established themselves as reliable manufacturers who comply with European standards. At the same time, domestic companies are able to offer you lower material prices.

The price of metal tile will depend on the following parameters:

  • Decorative layer, its parameters, appearance, protective functions.
  • Zinc thickness.
  • The thickness of the raw material - steel.

Pay attention to what warranty period the manufacturer provides. If you purchase a material with a polyurethane polyurethane coating, the maximum warranty can be 15 years.

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