To dream of sunflower seeds: the interpretation of a dream

If you saw seeds in a dream, remember their appearance and what you did with them - nibbled, fried or bought. Here are some interpretations of this dream.

Dream for the bitch

Snapping seeds in a dream is unbridled fun. If you grilled them - wait for the arrival of guests.

Chinese dream book

Pumpkin seeds symbolize replenishment in the family.

Online dream book

Dreamed sunflower seeds - wait for a change. This may be the birth of a baby, meeting the second half or career growth.

To dream pumpkin seeds - be prepared for a brilliant success. Be patient and continue to work hard.

Watermelon seeds in a dream - become the culprit in an unpleasant situation, or get bad news. If they dreamed of a woman, then soon she will become a mother.

Nibble seeds - you will achieve your intended goal in any area of ​​life, going through a number of obstacles. The main thing - do not give up and good luck you will smile.

To see a lot of seeds in a dream - to success, financial well-being, longevity. Another value - your talent and potential is not fully disclosed.

Snapping seeds in a dream - to fulfill your cherished dream. To make it faster, make a plan and prioritize correctly.

To buy seeds in a dream - all problems and troubles will soon disappear from your life, and a white stripe will come. To fry sunflower seeds - to get acquainted with an extraordinary person. Do not miss the opportunity to learn new knowledge.

Husks from seeds - a warning sign. Do not give in to emotions - weigh the pros and cons before making decisions. Also do not stop there.

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