Top 10 things that annoy men in modern girls

Probably, every guy dreams that next to him was not only the most beautiful, long-legged and just charming lady, but also one who would not constantly tickle his nerves. Of course, if a girl didn’t like a man externally, then you can not even stutter about the remaining moments, because all of them quickly fade into the background.

But nevertheless, when a serious relationship begins to start with a guy and a girl, other, so to speak, “pitfalls” begin to emerge, which are better avoided by the fair sex if you really value your half.

Today we will talk about the top 10 things that men in modern girls do not like much. If you want to please the opposite sex, and even more so, strive to build something more than a little flirting, then you may have to think about some of their features and, perhaps, to reconsider some of them.

  1. Personal space.Men simply hate when girls try to control them completely, and this concerns both their life together and the personal space of the man himself. Many women, literally at the genetic level, have the responsibility to take care of everything and everyone: cleanliness at home, cooked food, children, and, of course, the beloved boy. Sometimes this concern affects not only clean clothes and food, but also starts checking phone numbers, bans on meetings with friends and so on. Be careful when entering this path, many of them briefly endure when they constantly break into their personal territory.
  2. Increased emotional woman.Many individuals of the fair sex are prone to excessive emotionality: sometimes due to a touching film or a sad book, they are able to cry through the day and night, and the man has to turn into a comfortable handkerchief that will always listen and support. No, of course, if this happens rarely, it is not a problem, but if your tears and tantrums are a regular guest of your relationship, then such a woman quickly evokes the righteous anger of the majority of the stronger sex.
  3. Intelligence.However sad it may sound, most of the guys just hate it when a woman surpasses them intellectually because it directly affects their inner complexes. Even if you feel smarter, you shouldn’t constantly brag about it and try to show your superiority; it’s not going to end with anything good.
  4. Pretense.Many girls are actresses who often use their talents to achieve some of their life goals. They manipulate, often tell lies, believing that it will be better, however, more often than not, the secret becomes clear with time, which leads to sad consequences. Men hate lies and pretense, and therefore rarely is forgiven.
  5. Endless jealousy.When a man and a woman start a serious relationship, then, of course, jealousy takes place in them. Every woman dreams that her man was just next to her, about any friends and acquaintances who are perceived as potential rivals, and there can be no talk. And yet you should not be jealous of your young man everywhere and always, arrange endless tantrums and tears, there must be a line in everything.
  6. Criticism towards other women.Sometimes it is completely incomprehensible to men, why his girlfriend constantly washes the bones of other girls, even if she is her friend or employee. “Beat the eyes” and not have the courage to pay a compliment to the opponent, if she really deserves it, not the best quality for a good girl.
  7. Overuse shopping. For men, the endless shopping spree is like hell, they don’t understand our passion for hours choosing skirts and shoes. If you are a born shopaholic, then at least do not drag your man behind you through shopping centers, do your shopping yourself or with your friends.
  8. Endless chatter.Sometimes girls tend to endless and, most unfortunate, empty chatter that drives men mad. If the empty question “How are you?” Turns into your 2-hour confession about all your affairs over the past week, then you may need to reconsider your behavior.
  9. Permanent coercion.Many women seek to build their relationships with men in such a way that they completely obey their will: they went to friends, went shopping, in general, they lived only according to their rules, so to speak, turned into "henpecked".We must not forget that men also have their own desires and the right of choice, which women must respect and support.
  10. Uncleanness.Perhaps no man will tolerate a sloppy girl who does not look in the mirror before appearing in front of him. Well-groomed hair, legs and light natural make-up - this is exactly what should adorn every girl unconditionally.
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