Top 8 dishwashing detergents: choose the best

Recently, more and more organic dishwashing detergents have appeared on store shelves, the reviews about which are rather contradictory on the net. All of them have about the same cost, the prefix "eco" and a certificate of quality. The editors of Woman's Day understand what their differences are and how to choose what you need.

Among the huge variety of organic dishwashing gels, we chose the best ones: those that are in demand from buyers. Among them were the products of the brand Sadosan, Organic People, Pure Water, Klar, Bio Mio, Ecover, Siberian Health and Amway. In order to know their similarities and differences, we turned to the composition, properties, reviews on the Internet and, of course, we tested ourselves, seeing all the minuses and advantages.

To be honest, we did not find the perfect means. Everybody has some flaw. But if for some housewives, it may seem insignificant, for others - a real disaster.

Before you start reading our rating,We note that surfactants (surfactants, which are higher fatty alcohols in synthetic detergents) in the composition of some organic products, according to the manufacturer, consist of organic raw materials, that is, they do not contain chemicals. But only in all eco-products there are no phosphates, caustic alkalis and acids, chlorine bleach.

Well, let's see if organic detergents are 100% capable of replacing the synthetic ones that many of us are so used to!

Dishwashing liquid, Sadosan, 500 ml, 320 rubles

Organic detergents for dishes, Sadosan reviews
Photo: Sadosan


Composition:�Vegetable detergents (fatty alcohol sulfate, coconut), sugar surfactant (sugar detergent) (Alkylpolyglucosides, APG), vinegar, salt, citric acid, lactic acid, essential oils containing citral, limonene and geraniol, water.

Texture:�thick gel.

Long-term action with daily use:�half a year.

The most popular in the opinion of Internet users is an eco-friendly dishwashing detergent. And all because it is the most economical in our rating for use. They can do the dishes in two ways: add a drop to a sponge and, as they say in advertising a well-known brand,�Wash the dishes with it� or dilute with a few drops of water and use it several times. The second option, of course, the most attractive. Another remedy is praised for a texture that does not dry or irritate the skin.

Pros:�it is economic, well clears ware, does not irritate even the most sensitive, inclined to an allergy skin.

Minuses:�Foam very bad, high cost.

Typical reviews on the Internet:

"The product cleans well and is suitable for very delicate objects, such as crystal, table silver, and gilded porcelain."

�I was advised to dilute the gel with water: 1 to 4-5 parts. I poured a part of the gel into the container with the dispenser and added water - very convenient. Foaming is not as good as the mass market means, but that does not bother me. �

�The product is absolutely not irritating and does not dry the skin of the hands. Although I am allergic. "

Ecogel for washing dishes, fruits, vegetables and children's toys, Organic People, 500 ml, 149 rubles

Organic detergents for dishes, Sadosan reviews
Photo: Organic People

Texture:�liquid gel.

Long term action:�about 5−4 months.

Ecogel Organic People - in second place by the number of positive reviews. Its main advantage is a convenient dispenser, which is often used in liquid soaps: in order to squeeze the tool on a sponge, you do not need to take the jar in hand.In addition, the tool foams well (compared to other organic gels) and in addition to dishes it is intended for washing vegetables, fruits and children's toys.

Pros:�convenient dispenser, well foams, cleans well, suitable for washing food and children's toys.

Minuses:�leaves a slight smell on the dishes.

Typical reviews on the Internet:

�I really like the dispenser! This is not found in eco-media. And the bottle is very stable, it does not fall and does not falter under pressure. �

�My means and dishes, and products, and children's toys. While there were no problems. It is washed off with water instantly, without leaving a film. �

�Cleans even greasy traces well. Almost leaves no smell on the dishes. So far this is the best organic remedy I've tried. �

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