Topiary made from coffee beans: a master class with photos

Crafts made from coffee beans bring an atmosphere of comfort to every home and fill it with the delicate aroma of coffee beans, which reminds of the unhurried drowsiness of the morning and the joy of awakening ...

which anyone can make is a decorative topiary.

 Do-it-yourself coffee bean topiary: master class with photo

Coffee topiariy do-it-yourself beans: a master class with photos

Coffee beans topiary always looks luxurious and interesting, it will be a worthy decoration for any kitchen.

For work you will need :

  • several foam hearts (you can take the base in the form of a ball, depending on the case and preferences);
  • thin twine;
  • fancy wooden sticks (you can take beautiful branches of trees);
  • glass beads or beads;
  • satintape;
  • reliable glue;
  • coffee beans;
  • brown paint and brush to apply (spray can be used);
  • brown insulating tape;
  • flower pot and substance to fill it - you can take gypsum, expanded clay or any cereal.
 Materials for crafts Materials for crafts

First of all, we cover the foam-colored hearts with brown paint.

 Coloring hearts

Coloring hearts

We are waiting, until the paint is dry.

 We are waiting for the paint to dry

We are waiting for the paint to dry

In the meantime, paint the sticks or wrap them brown ribbon.

 We paint or paste sticks

We paint or paste over sticks

We take glue and ak smoothly, in rows, glue the hearts with coffee beans.

 We paste hearts with grains

We paste overhearts grains

One side of the heart we cover with coffee beans completely.

 Fill one side completely

Glue one side completely

And on the other hand we spread only the middle of the grains, gluing the twine around the edges.

 The middle is made of coffee, along the edges is twine

The middle is from coffee, the edges are twine

For the sake of interest, we make different hearts, varying with the size of the area covered with grains and twine.

 Different hearts

Different hearts

Putting the sticks in a flower pot with a filler. The easiest way is to fix them in the gypsum mass. But you can try different options - for example, install the wand in a floral sponge, and sprinkle with a grain or colored sand on top. Kinetic sand can be used, it has sufficient ductility and density.

 Fix the sticks in the pot

Fix the sticks in the pot

On top of eachtwig we put on the decorated heart.

 We dress a heart

We dress a heart

We decorate the pot by winding it with a string. Put large glass balls or beads on top of the filler. You can use decorative chips, sprinkling or all the same coffee beans.

 We make the pot

We make the pot

And decorate our topiary from coffee beans do it yourself with the help of lush satin ribbon bows.

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