Topiary from sisal and money

Sizal and Money Topiary

Topiary, or the tree of happiness, is increasingly seen in the interior. Firstly, it is very beautiful, and secondly, it brings goodness to the house - its top is made in the shape of a ball, and it symbolizes from ancient times the sun, which was a symbol of unity,
Napkin Topiary

Napkin Topiary

How to make topiary? Need to start out of the ball. It can be purchased at the shop for needlework at a price of about fifty rubles, depending on the size. It's not difficult to create a foundation with your own hands. Only unnecessary newspapers and threads will be needed.
Spring Topiary

Spring Topiary

Very often in homes and office buildings you can see beautiful balls of flowers, cloth or coffee beans, which are fixed on a stick and placed in pots. This is a topiary.They are the original decoration of any room and can be the most
Sisal Topiary

Sisal Topiary

In order to make the dwelling comfortable, it is customary to decorate it with flowers or with some other compositions - pictures, panels. Also, a bright accent can be made with topiary. His second name is the tree of happiness. With it you can easily add
Money Tree Do It Yourself

Do-it-yourself money tree

Money tree - not only the most popular, but also the most effective talisman of wealth. In addition, it will decorate any interior. It's easy to make a money tree with your own hands, just stock up on the necessary materials, time and
Master class on making chestnut topiary

Chestnut Topiary Workshop

Today, the creation of topiary - trees in pots made of improvised materials has become a very fashionable hobby of needlewomen.Topiary can be made from everything, anything, but ribbon, coffee beans,
Tree for wishes with tags

Wish tree with tags

If you have a big celebration, then certainly questions about the place of celebration and the list of guests have already been resolved. But how to complement and diversify the holiday? How to stand out from the crowd and create a fabulous atmosphere? Help in solving these issues will come

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