Heated towel rails - a worthy replacement for cast iron radiators

The variety of types and types of heated towel rails or design radiators today is unlikely to surprise. Water, electric and even double-circuit ... Well, it’s just not to consider forms and modifications. Heated towel rails were always in our apartments. Just two or three decades ago they looked, frankly, unpresentable: a huge pipe, painted with oil paint, occupied the whole wall of the bathroom. Of course, such a device can not be called a decoration of a room.

That is why, as soon as there were imported mainly European-made towel warmers, many Russians undoubtedly changed their bulky and unsightly coils to elegant chrome pipes. However, in reality everything was not so rosy, and European products have disappointed many Russians. The fact is that these towel rails were made of black steel. They did not have a corrosion-resistant coating, and therefore quickly fell into disrepair. The joy of the owners who updated their bathroom with modern and radiant design radiators was overshadowed by the appearance of rust points on them first, and then the need to replace them. Low-quality cheap products from European countries? - Not at all! Simply, these units were not adapted for installation in the Russian realities - our hot water systems with extreme pressure drops and rusty water. Today, there are two types of water heated towel rails on the Russian sanitary market: black, stainless and galvanized steel. In addition, all devices can be divided into two main categories: towel warmers and design radiators. We will briefly review their differences. First, towel warmers are made of thicker steel. Secondly, they are designed specifically for our hot water supply systems in high-rise buildings. Design radiators have a more attractive appearance. In addition to the usual forms in the form of "U" and "M", such radiators are made in the form of "ladder". Design radiators are usually made from non-ferrous metals. It can be aluminum, and brass, and even copper.In order not to repeat the mistakes of Europeans, who supplied to our market beautiful, but short-lived black steel heated towel rails, domestic manufacturers additionally produce anti-corrosion treatment of the inner surface of pipes. may be double-circuit with different variations of the installation of the heat exchanger. The heat exchanger can be either built into the overall structure or delivered separately.

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