Treatment of herpes folk remedies

The virus can be transmitted in various ways, for example: airborne droplets, sexually transmitted, contact or transfusion. Despite the fact that most people do not show the herpes virus and is in a “sleeping” state, there are many factors contributing to its activation. These include weakening the immune system, constant stress, mental stress, the transfer of various diseases and even taking certain medications.
At the same time, herpes can be recurrent in nature and reappear.

Is treatment necessary?

Despite the fact that the herpes simplex virus is not fully curable, and almost the entire population of the globe is infected with it, it is still necessary to treat it, because it can provoke a number of other more serious diseases.
For example, for a pregnant woman there is a fairly high risk of infection with the fetal virus.And in general, herpes, manifested in a woman in the cervix, may be fraught with infertility.
In addition, as a consequence of the weakening of the immune system by a virus, any disease that was previously in the body in a “dormant” state can make itself felt.

Folk remedies in the fight against herpes

Of course, drug treatment in the fight against herpes is the most effective, but it can be successfully combined with proven in practice folk remedies.
So, treatment of herpes, for example, on the lips, should be carried out immediately, after the appearance of the first symptoms. You will need the following mixture: mix half a cup of yogurt without fruit additives with a teaspoon of instant coffee, add a tablespoon of honey and flour and two crushed garlic cloves. Lubricate the affected areas with the mixture 1-2 times a day. In addition, an ice cube pre-made from natural coffee can help to relieve the itch and further spread the virus.
As a prevention of herpes, it is necessary to include in your diet healthy foods that help strengthen the immune system, such as meat, fish, dairy products, potatoes, eggs, beans, etc. Garlic can be incredibly effective in dealing with herpes.But from too frequent eating nuts (peanuts in particular) and seeds should be abandoned.
Aloe and Kalanchoe juices are also extremely effective. It is enough to lubricate the affected areas with the juice of these plants and in 2-3 days there will be no traces of herpes on the lips. In addition, for more effective treatment of aloe juice, it is recommended to take one teaspoon every day before meals.
If the herpes appears after a long supercooling, it can be treated with ordinary table salt. You need to attach a few grains to the affected area and repeat this procedure several times a day.
Self-made ointment from calendula flowers is perfect for treating herpes on the lips and genital herpes. You need to mix the flowers of calendula with olive oil and lubricate all the affected areas with this mixture throughout the day. Just pure juice of calendula with no additional impurities will be just as effective.
In conclusion, I would like to note that there are still a great many different folk recipes and methods that can be both effective and completely useless in the treatment of herpes simplex virus.Therefore, before using any such means, it is necessary to have a qualified consultation with your doctor.

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