Trends in Interior Design 2017

As the New Year holidays approach, designers begin to work hard, because changing the calendar is also a period of new trends, including in the. To create an original and stylish project, you need to think about such details:

  • relevant materials;
  • modern stylistic directions;
  • color range;
  • unusual accents.

What to create an image from?

In 2017, interior design will approach nature: one of the most current trends will be the use of stone. This natural materials, and imitation, and even paintings or photographic images. Wood and cork are also worthy of attention, especially wall panels, rattan, leather. They are used to decorate walls and furniture, ceilings and floors.

Did not pass the designers attention and textiles: from the fabrics in a new sound plush, wool and even velvet. The soft structure and comfort, which is created by draperies or design elements of these fabrics, will make any home more comfortable.

What about style?

Another design accent is the availability of free space. Even in a modest-sized apartment, areas that are clean of furniture or extra decoration are needed. And in a spacious studio, large windows and a maximum of freedom are also taken for granted.

When designing, pay attention to:

  • Provence;
  • hi-tech;
  • Country;
  • loft;
  • Scandinavian style.

It is they who will rule the ball in the coming year. The room is kept in a single style or mix different elements into a fancy mix.

Colors for every taste

The color palette is represented mainly by calm shades: soft pastel, deep blue tones, soft emerald or terracotta. Fans of brightness should look at copper, brass and gold hues, which will bring a touch of chic even in a modest finish.

"Highlights" decor

Strokes that will help arrange the room in accordance with the trends:

  • carved wooden or stone vases;
  • elements with geometric patterns;
  • “rustic” knitting blankets.

If you are not confident in your abilities, the company "7 points" will provide professional assistance.Its designers will develop for you an individual project, which will take into account the layout of housing, the tastes of the owners and combine it with fashionable trends.

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