Types of floor plinth and methods of its installation

What is a plinth? This is the usual bar that covers the gap between the wall and the floor, it closes the ugly joints. Any floor coverings are decorated with plinth, without it you can consider the repair unfinished.

At the moment there are different types of baseboards. It can be wooden, plastic, from MDF. As you understand, each type of plinth has its own characteristics, and before making a choice, it is necessary to take them into account.

Wooden plinth

Most often, wooden plinth is used for laminate and parquet floors. These skirting boards are environmentally friendly, as they are made from natural material. But because of this, the price for such a plinth is appropriate. There are several ways of fixing wooden skirting. It can be simple or liquid nails, or it can be ordinary screws on wood.

Plastic baseboard

Plastic plinths are installed in a slightly different way.For their fastening mounting channels are used. They are located on the very baseboard, on its back side. Walls should be perfectly smooth.

MDF plinth

As with plastic plinths, the surface of the wall should be perfectly flat and smooth. This type of plinth is mounted on special brackets-hooks. The plinth itself is put on them. Corner joints closed special corners.

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