Unpleasant smell - no! Effective advice to help set up "weather" in the house

The smell of a house is not an abstract concept at all, but an important component of a cozy atmosphere. Taking care of comfort you always want to be on top, to create a special atmosphere of warmth and comfort. Do not be surprised, but the "weather in the house" is amenable to adjustment. One of the ways to improve it is to get rid of extraneous odors and fill the space with pleasant and unobtrusive aromas that will eventually become the smell of the house.

Green light to fresh air

Do not forget about airing. It should be done at least 3 times a day, regardless of the season and availability of air conditioning. Through-ventilation will prevent the absorption of foreign odors in carpets, upholstered furniture and other furnishings. It is obligatory after cooking spicy food, working with strongly smelling substances. No exception, and various force majeure. Care should also be given to the presence of hoods in the kitchen.

Kitchen tricks to help neutralize unpleasant odor

  • After using the oven, put the peel from the orange. You can get it after complete cooling.
  • From an unpleasant smell in a microwave it's easy to get rid by placing inside a container filled with water with lemon juice for 30 seconds at maximum power.
  • From the smell of fish on the dishes can be easily disposed of with vinegar, and you can remove it from your hands by holding coffee beans or freshly ground coffee in them.
  • From the smell of burning or a specific flavor of dishes will help get rid of water with lemon juice and 5 buds of cloves. Boil it, you need to, not covering, over low heat for half an hour.
  • An unpleasant smell emanating from a water pipe can be removed with salt, soda and vinegar. To begin with, salt and soda are poured into the pipe in equal parts, and then poured into a double portion of vinegar and left for 15 minutes. After that, you just have to wash everything off with hot water.
  • Neutralize the unpleasant smell in the refrigerator will help soda. Simply place it in a container and provide air access. You need to change it every 3 months.

The smell of the bedroom and not only

  • The bedroom will be much nicer if you put a drop of lavender or juniper oil on the pillow. Pleasant smell will be not only in pastel linen, but also in the recreation area.
  • In cupboards and chests of drawers it is necessary to lay out canvas bags filled with coffee beans, dried zest, cinnamon sticks or vanilla pods.
  • When filling the iron with water, add a drop of flower essence to it. A light pleasant smell will spread throughout the house.

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