Useful tips - how to multiply the orchid at home

Useful tips - how to multiply the orchid at homeOrchid is a very capricious plant, it requires special care and maintenance conditions. Propagation of orchids at home is possible in various ways. If you are an inexperienced florist, it is better to choose the simplest of them. The orchid breeding season is early spring, when the plant “wakes up” and the flower activates all metabolic processes.

How do orchids breed?

There are two ways:

  • division;
  • side shoots.

Let's take a closer look at them. It is worth noting that the reproduction of a flower at home is not particularly difficult. But young plants require special attention and careful maintenance. We will tell you how to propagate an orchid at home without harm to the mother plant and how to properly care for the young plant.Useful tips - how to multiply the orchid at home

How to propagate the orchid division

Division is the easiest way. Thus, there is a multiplication of orchids of almost any kind.Sympodically growing species are best divided. For example, Paphiopodium and Cattleya. The main condition - the plant should not be small. The division process consists of several stages:

  1. Carefully remove the flower from the pot and clean it from the ground.
  2. Rhizome with a sharp knife should be cut in half so that the two halves were bulbs. Root carefully sprinkled with chopped charcoal for disinfection.
  3. Put each half in a separate pot.Useful tips - how to multiply the orchid at home

The flower can not be watered abundantly, otherwise it will not take root. Every day, spray the plant and slightly moisten the soil until the appearance of young leaves. Since more often one of the plants receives more young bulbs, it will be stronger. The second flower requires additional feeding. For this, fill a layer of pure moss. If necessary, place the plant in a plastic bag to create a greenhouse effect. Ensure that the soil does not dry out. Remember, if you have a young orchid, multiplication by division will not work, because the plant does not have additional bulbs.

How the orchid breeds during transplantation

If the flower became cramped in the pot, then it can be divided during the transplant.In a plant that has faded, the old root is separated and planted in a separate container. How to propagate an orchid at home during transplantation correctly?Useful tips - how to multiply the orchid at home

In order for a young plant to stick, you must strictly observe the moisture regime and maintain a constant temperature of 20 ° C. The separated old root must be simply put in a pot filled with sphagnum and a special substrate. After 4-5 days, new plants with roots will emerge from the buds. They should be carefully divided and planted in separate pots.

How to grow orchid at home lateral shoots

In this way, monopodial orchids - Dedrobium, Wanda, Epidendrum - are usually propagated. These types of orchids have fairly large distances between the shoots, the nodes are usually located in the upper part of the plant, pseudobulbs are not formed.Useful tips - how to multiply the orchid at home

How to propagate an orchid at home without harm to shoots?

  1. Knife or pruning shears are pre-treated with alcohol.
  2. Carefully separate the upper shoots with a knife and sprinkle with coal.
  3. Drain the pot in a pot filled with a special substrate and moss.
  4. It should be watered and sprinkled every day, observe a constant temperature of 20 ° C. To do this, you can make a greenhouse from a plastic bag or jar.Useful tips - how to multiply the orchid at home

This method can be used only for fast-growing species, since the others do not grow so fast, and the process of development of the roots of the shoot will take a long time.

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