Valentine is me

Before Valentine's Day, every girl in love starts a real panic: I want to give something special and symbolic. Well what is there to think: you can just give a funny Valentine. Well, of course - Valentine! Only not simple, but special: fiery, red - interrupted, such that it will be remembered for a long time. In order to build such an unusual gift we will need: - outline for embroidery; - needle;- scissors; - not expensive embroidery threads (orange, yellow, red, green, and brown); - several brightly colored beads or threads for a bow; - a cardboard form of a small paper heart; - cotton wool or other stuff for stuffing.
 material for stuffing
For starters, take the form of a cardboard heart and redraw it in a folded in two layers canvas. We put the canvas before it with a needle or a pin so that the drawing does not walk on the fabric. Redrawn.
We put the hearts to each other (as they cut out) and stitch it together. We leave the non-stitched space in the upper part of the heart. We fix two braids and sew another centimeter. We leave a small neck for the filler. It will be nice if you once again walk the same route to strengthen the seam.
 Apply hearts
Now pull the pigtails up.
reinforce seam
We turn the heart out of the front.  pulling pigtails
In order to give our valentine the desired shapenot pointed pencil or a special stick, gently align the seams in the middle of the product and loosely fill it with cotton or centipon. Done.
 Turning the heart out
Sewing the top of the product. Where the seam goes, we make the bangs with orange threads. It remains to embroider with brown threads the eyebrows and eyes, and the red one with the mouth. Embroidery can be applied and satin stitch and cross - as you like. Embroidery is recommended for the finished product. So you can more accurately distribute its center. Decorate the braids with beads or bows from the thread.
On the back of the heart - valentine you can embroider the name of the boy who is meant for the gift. The special feature of this product is that it is very simple to make even a small child. Also, a girl can give a valentine her own hair color, special features and a cheerful smile.

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