Valentine's Day Arrangement

It would seem that no one needs an empty bottle, and she needs a place in the trash can or at the collection point for glass containers. And here not! Do not rush to throw away this valuable material for needlework. Skilled craftswomen can make a beautiful thing out of any unnecessary item. The same applies to the glass bottle of drinks. It is important that the container itself is more elegantly shaped, then it can be turned into a chic vase. If you cover the surface of the bottle with paint and paste a color image, then you get the product in the technique of decoupage. The handicraft looks beautiful when the texture is created using ordinary paper napkins soaked in PVA glue. Some masters decorate bottles with textiles, satin ribbons or felt. Today you will learn how to transform a nondescript container into an original multi-colored vase using ordinary threads for knitting. You will need the following materials for your work: - a glass bottle (in the photo from under champagne,but you can and any other form); - a tube of PVA glue; - threads for knitting red, blue, gray and brown colors (you can any other shade); - decorative ornaments (small flowers in the tone of yarn ). need such materials
Take the bottle, if possible remove all stickers and labels, wash it well and wipe dry. Decide on the color of the yarn, it is important that the threads are in harmony with each other. It is better to take a few saturated colors and a couple of lighter colors. You can begin to glue with threads as from above (from the neck), and from below (from the bottom). Gradually spread a piece of capacity with PVA glue and apply a working thread along the spiral.  smear the line Unleash the imagination, think through the optimal alternation of colors. It is possible to break the entire surface into equal parts, but it is more interesting when the shades of threads are repeated and pasted on segments of different heights.  alternating colors

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