Variants of marine nail design (12 photos)

With the onset of the first summer days, there is a desire to look in a new, bright and natural way to match the warm season of the year. Practically, each of us associates summer with the sun, the sea, the beach and, of course, good rest, during which it is important to look perfect.

To emphasize your unique taste and bright individuality, you can decorate your nails with an original marine design, which will give your image freshness and lightness.

It is very easy to create a unique marine design, because this broad concept includes hundreds of ideas and unique options, each of which will help make your summer dream come true. The ideas of the sea manicure are always inspired by the sound of the surf, warm azure water, bright sunrises and unforgettable sea sunsets, which significantly expands the scope for creativity!

Of course, the main colors that are the basis of all marine subjects are blue and white, as well as their many shades.Most of us associate them with the sea, the surf, the waves, the horizon line and the bright summer sky.

Someone believes that the marine manicure nails, in any case, can not do without the necessary attributes: sailor strips, anchors, shells, gulls and other living creatures from the depths and coasts of the seas.

And for someone it is just something light, fresh and warm, perfectly associated with summer vacation, and, therefore, the colors can be very different - ranging from pale yellow, orange, and ending with pink and purple hues. As you can see, the nail design in the nautical style can vary greatly and vary, and therefore each girl can easily choose the option that is most to her liking.

Preparatory stage

Before plunging into the alluring world of azure fantasies and embarking on the drawing of fish and sea crabs, the marigold must be prepared in any way you like.

If you looked at examples of photos of manicure with the theme of the sea and summer, then you probably noticed that these are, in most cases, bright and very rich compositions that do not accept the presence of any, even the smallest, blemish on your nails. They will be immediately visible!

So, for starters, trim the nails, bring them to the same length, by the way, especially effectively the marine motifs look on the middle-length nails. Pamper them in a salt bath, then move away the soft cuticle, and also do not forget the side bolsters, remember that your hands should look perfect.

When completing the preparation phase, be sure to apply a cream or oil to the skin around the nails, which removes irritation and strengthens the nail plate. So, your pens are ready, so it's time to take up the choice of a suitable design!


The easiest option is a plain manicure using traditional colors - blue, white, blue or turquoise. Try to choose varnishes of such quality that they look bright and saturated, without gaps and smudges. Since it is fashionable today to select an unnamed or index finger with a separate color or pattern, you can paint it with the second basic color.

If you decide to try your hand at nail design, then you can try to draw traditional elements of the marine theme: stripes of a striped vest, colorful waves, shells, chains, anchors, by the way, golden spangles that symbolize sea sand look very interesting on a single-color manicure.

Of course, experienced craftsmen can depict an entire picture on each nail, which will become a detailed description of the underwater world, however, for inexperienced fans there are simple, but, nevertheless, very spectacular design variations. For example, the manicure "Waves", think difficult? Nothing like this.

You just have to stock up on three bottles of lacquer of different colors, which you symbolize with a sea wave, as well as a couple of thin brushes. Colors may be different, but each must be a tone or two lighter than the other. As a basis, the medium color intensity is applied. Further, with the help of a brush, we apply the darkest lacquer in the form of a wave on the edge, and the lightest on the base of the marigold.

To make the result as accurate as possible, it is necessary to wait for the complete drying of each layer, and each color must be applied at least in two layers so that the previous one does not show through. That the waves were approximately the same, you can use the stencil, making it easy with the help of adhesive tape and scissors.

Since today it is fashionable to place accents on the nails, it will be interesting to look at the single anchor, asterisk or steering wheel on the ring finger.If you are wondering how to draw an anchor or any other marine element, then you can always watch video tutorials on creating nail design elements.

Remember that any girl will be able to cope with this nail design, so do not despair if something does not work out the first time, over time you will surprise everyone with your skill and bright imagination!

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