Very simple cat's lounger

For cats, one of the most important things in life is a dream. Most of the time, they prefer to spend sleeping or quietly lying in the most unexpected corners. Cats are creatures that love and value convenience and comfort like no other. We all love our little household and often want to improve their living conditions, but often even the simplest houses or cat beds are very expensive or when you buy mini-housing they just do not sleep in them. But this does not mean that we will deprive our pet of his secluded nook in the house. Therefore, we will make a cozy cat bed from improvised tools that are at home, practically, in everyone.
A very simple bed for a cat
For further work, we will need the following materials:
  • The plastic lid of the cake container (than the larger the container, the more pets will fit there.
  • The pillow is small (or the amount of fabric,enough to fill in.
  • A small rug or fabric.
  • An old scarf or scarf.
A very simple cat's lair

Making a bed for a cat

1. For rigidity, the cover can be pre-wound with tape in several layers (at least three) right under the border. All this will be imperceptible, because in the future we will hide it with a cloth. Put a pillow in the lid of the container. You can also just put a variety of fabrics that have not been used for a long time.
Very simple bed for the cat
2. Then we cover the top with a plaid or an existing fabric with any other fabric.
A very simple bed for the cat
3. We wrap a scarf or just an old lag as shown in the photo.
Very simple cat's lodge
Your pets will be happy with this cozy place. The main thing is to choose for him a secluded corner in the room, such as, for example, a window sill (if, of course, it does not blow from the windows), an interesting view of the street is revealed, and the battery that heats the surface is also nearby.It is important to make a bed for the cat so that the pet can feel comfortable and free in it. And such a bed will be practical in the wash, because everything can be easily removed and laid back. From wool can be cleaned with a special sticky roller. As for the cover, it can be replaced with time, if it suddenly cracks, because we eat cakes at least once every few months.
A very simple bed for a cat
And you can also use the rest: It is possible to build a bird feeder from it (the bottom of the container from the cake) by tying two edges of the bottom of the container with a rope and pinching it them in the window frame. This trough will be simple and will last a long time. Your pets will sleep on a couch made by the loving hands of their owners, and look at the birds fluttering outside the window.
A very simple bed for a cat

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