Video drawing lessons for beginners


Sometimes I underestimated, or perhaps just forgot, the amount of desire it takes to lift a pen and draw. Like most things in life, the older I get, the more self-confidence. As a child I loved to draw.

Somewhere on the road to adulthood, I lost the desire to paint. I thought to be a great artist you must have natural abilities from birth to capture the world around you.

Over the years I have discovered that this is not true. As in any art, you must first copy others to learn the technique ... gradually over time you will discover your own style and begin to create your own images. I wish I had been told this in childhood. Draw if you really want it and you will succeed!

10 Tips for a Beginning Artist:

1. Outline

Make at least 5-6 sketches per day - the more the better.

2. Copy old masters

Surround yourself with world-class work to follow, develop taste.

3. Memory drawing

Even working from life, we work from memory. During a long training exercise, do parallel sketches from memory, sorting out the details, draw one or another element at home. Developing a visual memory, you will not only draw well, but also write convincingly.

4. Examine and check in kind

5. Professional literature

All important information in books, read more often.

6. Find a mentor

7. Do not stop after errors

Don't be afraid of mistakes, it didn't work out - start over from the beginning!

8. Do not paint on photos

A novice artist is not advised to draw from a photograph, we must start from nature.

9. Breaks

10. Engage in creativity

Set yourself big goals. We must always remember why you decided to study. Do not shelve your artistic plans, creative ideas. Start putting them into life right now. Participate in exhibitions, competitions, regardless of the level of training and distance.

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