Vintage Style Casket

Vintage style today is becoming increasingly popular, and antique things with a print of time are increasingly becoming an interior decoration. However, not everyone has the opportunity to get truly vintage items. The perfect solution will be the independent production of items with imitation of antique. It is also a good way to show your creativity. So, let's try to make a vintage-style casket. Such a thing will look very impressive on the ladies' table, besides, it is very convenient for storing jewelry. For work we will need: 1. Wooden blank box. It is better to choose a dark wood casket so that it immediately looks “more vintage.” 2. Primer. 3. PVA glue, scissors, pencil, brushes, sponge. 4. Decoupage card with a suitable image. For this master class a decoupage card with an old postcard was chosen. 5. White lace. 6. Acrylic paints. 7. 3D Pts. 8. Acrylic lacquer.
 For work we will need
Now that everything is ready, we can proceed to the most interesting.We begin to decorate the box. The first stage.First of all, we need to fit the decoupage card to the box cover. To do this, turn the card over, put the box on it with the lid down and outline it along the contour. Cut and re-adjust if necessary. Once the image for the cover is ready, you can proceed with its application. To do this, pour some PVA glue into some container, take a flat brush and glue the cover of the box with glue. Then gently apply a decoupage card while lubricating it with glue on top. It doesn't matter if white stripes of glue are visible - PVA tends to become transparent when it dries.
 adhesive decoupage card
 glue the parts with a glue
We try to glue the card neatly so that there are no air bubbles and folds. If they appear, carefully lift the map, pulling the dry edge, and re-coat the problem areas with glue. We leave the cover to dry and proceed to work on the bottom of the box. The second stage.It was decided to decorate the bottom of the box with lace.We measure the necessary length and cut off the strip of lace.  We measure the necessary length
So that the lace does not look so new and white (after all, we have a vintage-style box) Let's try to age it a little. To do this, take acrylic paints and dilute on the back of a ceramic plate a dirty beige color, in tune with the lightest color on the lid of the box. We put the lace on the old newspaper or magazine, so as not to stain the table. Dip the sponge into the resulting paint and apply it to the lace. Apply until we achieve the desired effect of darkening from time to time. Now laces look not so new.  try aging it a little Let's wait until the laces are dry, turn them upside down and apply PVA glue. And then carefully glued to the bottom of the box and left to dry.
 grease with PVA glue
 glue the tape The third stage.Now you can do the inside of the box.To begin with, we will completely prime the entire surface so that the paint is better laid and let the primer dry.
 let the primer dry
Then paint the inside of some contrasting color to make the box look not so gloomy. In this master class it was decided to paint the box from the inside in a pink color, which is in harmony with the bouquet of flowers in the hands of the girl on the lid. Again, stir the appropriate color on the back of the plate and paint the box from the inside. For the inside of the box to harmonize with the outside, it can also be decorated with lace. We cut off a thinner strip of lace and just glue it to the inside of the jewelry box lid.
 paint the inside of the
Fourth stage.Again back to the lid. To make the decoupage card not so conspicuous, but smoothly match the tone of the box, we dilute the brown paint and apply it with a sponge along the edges of the lid.
paint the sponge on the edges of the cover
And to" revive "the girl and give the image volume, we use 3D-Patch.We take a tube and gently circle the image first along the contour, then next to the contour, and so continue to circle again and again until the image is completely filled.
>img src="" alt="give the image a volume" title="give the image a volume">
circle again and again
We leave the pots to dry. It takes a lot of time, so it's best to leave the casket for the whole night. When the pot is dry, the image will again become completely transparent, only now bulk. The fifth stage.The last thing we need to do is to cover the finished box with acrylic lacquer. We cover both outside and inside, in two layers, with an interval of 20-30 minutes, and wait for complete drying, which takes about a day. After this, the box can be safely used to store vintage jewelry and not only.
 casket in the style of vintage

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