Fresh Watermelon Dispenser

For Parties, Crafts, Birthday, Parties, Wedding, Edible Decor, Drinks, Cooking, Boy and Girl, Workshop, Dessert, 1st Birthday

This watermelonDispenser "was made for a birthday party and acted as a party decor, but also, of course, a source of natural juice. You can’t pour a lot of juice into it, but it looks amazing! It is very easy to make, the most difficult was to find an elegant tap for him. The tap can be purchased at any plumbing store or twisted from an existing dispenser, it is desirable that no one noticed:)

The next thing is to createthe basics of our watermelon. It is necessary to trim the ass as carefully as possible so that more green remains so that our juice does not flow out. Then cut the top of the watermelon and get all the insides.

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