Waterproofing pools

The flowing pool loses its meaningful purpose and grieves its owner with the inability to maintain the tank in a constant operational condition. Modern solutions for waterproofing swimming pools in Moscow, used both at the construction stage and on finished products, relieve the owners of swimming pools of many problems.

Waterproofing pools in Moscow

Waterproofing methods for hydraulic tanks

The purpose of waterproofing measures is to create a reliable protective layer against the ingress of water both from the inside of the basin bowl structure and from the outside. The site of the construction company http://www.skgsk.ru/ describes in detail two modern methods of waterproofing pools:

  • Outdoor. In this case, at the construction stage, special plasticizers and mineral additives are introduced, which increase not only the mechanical strength of the bowl, but also the water resistance of its walls.Quite often, for the same purpose, the tab of the profile system made of expanding rubber is used.
  • Internal. In this case, the processing of special materials inside the bowl, it prevents the penetration of water into the concrete structure. The most popular and effective treatment today is considered to be the treatment of reinforced coating waterproofing, which is installed immediately before finishing the pool.

What materials are used for waterproofing pools

Applied technologies of hydroprotection of swimming tanks require the use of the following materials:

  • Cutting solutions. They are applied to the inside of the bowl, their combination with fiberglass provides the best results - the design of the bowl is strengthened and a strong protective layer is created, which also has high adhesion characteristics, which is very important for further finishing. Coating solutions are also relevant in the repair of structures, sealing cracks and cracks, restoring pool performance.
  • Bitumen.One of the most affordable materials that provide short-term protection of structures against moisture destruction. Due to the fragility of protection, this tool will have to handle the inner surface of the bowl annually.
  • Penetrating waterproofing. It consists of mineral or polymer components, treatment with such means strengthens the concrete bowl, prevents the formation of cracks and small chips.
  • Liquid rubber. It is a two-component emulsion, characterized by an enviable resistance to various chemical agents commonly used for cleaning pools. It is applied by cold spraying on the finished design of the bowl.
  • PVC membrane. They are considered one of the most convenient materials due to their quick installation on the bowl and thus creating a reliable and durable waterproofing layer. The only drawback of PVC membranes is incompatibility with some finishing materials and high sensitivity to mechanical stress.

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