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If you are really a “serious” shopaholic, try not to go to the malls at all - they are taboo for you. Go to the shops only when you really need a particular thing, for example sandals in the spring. And it is not at all necessary to bypass the entire store, it is enough just to come to the shoe department to “look after” and “try on”. Otherwise, everything again ends with a waste of money. If now you have temporary financial difficulties, you can repair old shoes. It is much cheaper to change heels than to buy new shoes. The same applies to outerwear, it is much cheaper to change the zipper on the jacket. At the end of the season there are sales in almost all shopping centers. You can purchase items at a discount of almost 50 percent. Agree, it makes no sense to overpay. In the summer you can buy sandals for the next year, in the winter - jackets and boots. It is possible that next year there will be other models on the shelves, but the fashion will not be stolen. Therefore, it is better to buy the classics, it will always be relevant.

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