Transform a hair comb

Now many people prefer to use wooden combs. These combs are environmentally friendly, do not damage the scalp, do not electrify hair, unlike plastic. But most often, these combs are just fine grind, without putting any decor. It is interesting to decorate a wooden comb for hair with the help of decoupage. This technique requires accuracy and precision in work. If you do everything right, the result will definitely be good. The work does not require expensive materials and special skills. Materials and tools: wooden comb; acrylic paints; picture; sponge;brushes; glue "PVA"; scissors; acrylic lacquer.
 Materials and Tools
1. First you need to disassemble the comb. Separated from the wooden case brush. For our work we need only its wooden part, brush set aside.
 Separate the brush from the wooden case
2. We will do the comb for the girl, so we select the appropriate thematic picture. The picture can be on a napkin, a postcard. Cut the picture, giving it an oval shape and an appropriate size - make it slightly smaller than the body of the comb.
 choose a thematic picture
3. Cut out the second picture - a small heart. It will be located on the end of a wooden handle.  Cut out the second picture
4. Now proceed to dyeing the comb. We apply several layers of pink acrylic paint. This can be done with a brush, sponge or a piece of foam rubber. We apply a new layer only after complete drying of the previous one. To make the color bright and saturated it is necessary to apply at least three layers of paint.
proceed to dyeing the comb
5. While the paint is drying on the wooden base of the comb, proceed to the preparation of pictures. They are cut from a postcard, so they need to be thinned.Both pictures put in warm water for 10 - 15 minutes to soak. Then we separate the top layer, which we will use in the future work. This should be done very carefully, so as not to damage the picture, as wet paper is easily torn.
 put in warm water
6. On the back of the pictures smeared with glue, diluted with water. Apply a little glue so that it does not protrude beyond the edges of the picture. To avoid the formation of wrinkles and unevennesses, we glue the picture, starting from the middle, neatly smooth. In the case of a pattern shift or a wrinkle, you can lift the edge of the picture and align it.
 we smear pictures with glue
smoothly smooth
7. Complement the decor of the comb with yellow dots. The back side of the brush dunk in yellow paint and put dots around the pasted pictures, then across the comb. You can put a dots with a toothpick or a wooden stick, the main thing is that they are the same size.After drying of the applied paint, open the surface with varnish. It is better to open it several times.
 we open the surface with varnish
8. The wooden part of the comb is ready. The decoupage of the comb is over. It remains only to collect all the details, and you can begin to use. From such a comb a little fashionista will be delighted, because no one else has this, and can not be! Also this wooden comb will be a great gift.
 Do-it-yourself comb decoupage
Comb decoupage

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