Twist charming curls in the African technology "Knots Bantu"

If you really love curly curly hair, and your own curls - straight, we suggest you try to wind them in the African technique "Bantu Knots". Neither electric pliers nor curlers will be needed for this. All that is needed is a means for fixing and invisibility.

We begin to twist curls in the African technique "Knots Bantu":

1. Separate the hair strand, twist it into a bundle. Spray fixing agent.

2. Then we begin to twist the bundle into a knot (snail) and fix it with an invisible one.

3. Hairstyle done at night. Repeat the entire length of the hair and go to bed.

4. In the morning dissolve the nodules.

5. We split each strand with our fingers, slightly shaggy hair and add the necessary volume. You can additionally splash the hair with a fixer. Hairstyle is ready!

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