Weave a paracord case

Weave a universalParacord case for comfortable wearing of various items on the belt. The case will not be replaced during the hikes (tourist walks), and using the general principle and weaving technique you can weave a phone case, a Swiss knife and many other useful and necessary things.

Materials and tools:

  1. Paracord cord 75 cm long;
  2. scissors;
  3. Lighter;
  4. a pair of clamps or sharp nose pliers
  5. hairpin - invisible;
  6. wooden board 45x10 cm and nails or screws;
  7. a pattern that simulates an item for which a cover is made, for example, a wooden bar.

Step 1

We start with the measurement of the blank template-the wooden block. Its length is 11 cm. To determine the desired length of the cord, we take two lengths of the brook - 22 cm, add the thickness and overlap of the fastener. Total it turned out that the required length of the cord is 30 cm.

Putting 30 cm on the board and drawing two strips.On the one hand we drive in 4 nails, and on the other hand 5 nails. Better to use nails wide hats. Starting from the side, where 5 nails, skip the cord between all the nails. Be sure to leave the two ends of a length of 30-35 cm and they simply fasten; they will not participate mainly in weaving, but will be required later.

The result is: 8 stretched cord segments 30 cm long and 2 free ends 30-35 cm long.

Step 2

Cut off the paracord cord 365 cm long and burn the ends with a cigarette lighter. Getting to weaving is dense.

We skip the cord length of 365 cm between eight cords on the board in a staggered manner (see photo). Each finished row is shifted in one direction and pressed to the previous one. Also, the cord in the row does not allow sagging, but we also do not pull too tightly so as not to distort the end tightly.

When the weaving is finished, carefully remove the nails and remove the canvas from the board. The side where the two ends are 30-35 cm long is left as it is, and the other side is cut off the end of the cord and melted with a cigarette lighter.

At the end should be a canvas 30 cm long and 4-5 cm wide.

Step 3

In the resulting woven canvas wrap template-blank. Using the two free ends of the cord weave the side walls of the cover. Cut the ends of the cords and burn with a lighter.

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