Wedding box for the money

Wedding is an important event in the life of every couple in love, as well as their loved ones. On a wedding day, everything should be perfect, for aerobatics! And so it was, and this solemn day passed without any force majeure, so you need to take into account every little thing from beginning to end. First of all, of course, you need to think over your outfits for the bride and groom; suddenly, someone wants to wear a pink sarafan and sports shorts instead of a white wedding dress and a black tuxedo! Anything can happen. Each is individual, and therefore the outfits must be appropriate. Although the standard choice of white dresses for the bride and tuxedo or suits for the groom - the choice is also not simple. But when they cope with this difficult task, then they are waiting for more serious things ahead, for example, where will the guests fold their money to them? A three-liter can, of course, is a good option, but still it is the past, and sometimes you want something new and extraordinary.So, with ease you can create a little chest for your wedding and believe me, this little chest you will appreciate more than a simple jar for preservation. And so we proceed to our important business, namely, to create your trunk. Before we start cutting, sewing, in order to make a chest, we need to acquire material for it. We need: an old box with shoes (but such that it is still durable and in good condition) fabric, a cardboard box for the dome (top of the chest), tape, scissors, thread, tape and lace. Wedding Box for Money
First of all, cut the lid of the box from the shoe, as shown in the photo below.

Next step it is necessary to make a dome from the lid of the box, so we attach a cardboard box to the already cut out box, but so that it looks like an arch. We also add a cardboard from the side and fix it with tape. If the tape is small, you can still secure the dome with a stapler and paper clips.

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