Wedding decorations of your dream: from inexpensive to luxurious

The choice of jewelry for the wedding - no less a matter of responsibility than buying a wedding dress. talks about key trends and reveals turnout passwords!

Fashion trends affect not only fashion designers, but also jewelers who create jewelry, focusing on the key trends of the fashion industry. When preparing for a wedding, it’s worth a little to sort them out and find a balance between what is very fashionable and what you really like.

Decoration for the wedding should be gentle, restrained, close to the classical style and at the same time ideally complementing the wedding toilet. Earrings, bracelets, pendants, rings are better to choose neutral: paradoxically, even basic jewelry can look very fashionable. And a small bonus: they will definitely be useful to you in the future and will not lie dead weight in the box.

Wedding decorations: photo
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Pearl.Jewelry with pearls always look very feminine and elegant. To some, it may seem a little old-fashioned, but this is precisely where its main charm lies.Pearls are equally good in combination with classic wedding dresses and retro or boho outfits.

Jewelry with meaning.Nice signs of love, sometimes obvious, and sometimes invisible to a prying eye - this is very cute and romantic, especially on your wedding day. Wedding rings with tender words in Latin, a pendant with the inscription "love" or a sign of infinity on a ring or bracelet will not only be able to complement the wedding dress, but also to express their feelings in an unusual way.

Royal style.Laconic and at the same time “rich” jewelry, as if inherited from your great-grandmother, will help to create a truly royal image.

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