Wedding Dress Models

Wedding trends change with each season. Naturally, innovations also affect the bridal outfit. But with this wedding dress is the embodiment of established traditions. After all, it transforms the bride into the Queen of the celebration. The stunning variety of wedding attire can easily be confusing. But this riot of lace, satin, silk and organza fits within certain limits. One has only to divide the wedding dress into several model models. This classification is very useful. After all, if you want to buy a wedding dress, the style of the future attire should be determined first.

So, all dresses for brides are divided into such models as:

  • Fluffy Dresses

This is the dream of every girl - to feel like a fairy-tale princess. And in this dress this desire is quite feasible. What could be more beautiful than a luxurious, multi-layered skirt and tight fitting corset? The advantages of this model is that it is ideal for almost all types of shapes. It combines royal luxury and touching tenderness.

  • A silhouette

These endlessly elegant dresses emphasize the natural charm of the bride.The refined beauty and charm of the lines is the main advantage of this outfit. A big plus style - randomly changing waistline. It can be raised or lowered depending on the specific features of the shape. In dress A of silhouette, any bride looks slim and elegant.

  • Little Mermaid / Fish Dress

A very feminine silhouette provides such a recognized leadership in popularity. The underlined waist and hips, the skirt, with the hem widening downwards are inalienable signs of a “mermaid” dress. The owner of a perfect figure can afford such a wedding dress.

  • Greek, Empire

These models are distinguished by a high waistline. Raised under the chest waist visually increases the bust. The fabric falls in loose folds, creating a feeling of romance and lightness. This is one of the most comfortable to wear styles. A freely flowing bottom absolutely does not bind the movements.

  • Dress-Transformers

The transformer model easily changes its silhouette due to the inclusion of removable elements. Due to this, the bride demonstrates magical transformations.Such dresses are often purchased when the wedding is celebrated for 2 days. On the first day, the bride defiles in a long luxurious outfit, and in the second - strikes everyone with a wonderful metamorphosis that occurred with the dress. To be beautiful, and at the same time different, with a practical dress-transformer - is easy and simple.

Each model of the dress for the bride has an infinite number of variations. Do not get lost in this diversity and choose the perfect option in the salon "In White". This is the place where wedding dresses in St. Petersburg are represented in all the wealth of the product range. Love to your business, driving our consultants, will help in your choice.

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