What a dream in which you see a lover

If you saw a lover in a dream, you can interpret such a dream in different ways. It does not always apply only to personal relationships. This can be a warning about possible negative changes or conflicts with close environment. We learn how the most famous and popular dream books interpret such a dream. What can a lover dream about?

Dream Interpretation of Meridian

If you dream of a former lover in a dream, it’s too early to put an end to a relationship. There are still unresolved problems and unanswered questions between you, so it’s best to find an option to meet. If you dream of a former lover, and you are experiencing violent joy, this means that you miss the lost relationships and would like to return them. However, a wedding with him in a dream speaks of possible troubles and foreshadows frivolous acts.

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

A lover may dream of a girl as a sign of a close successful marriage. But a mature woman he foreshadows difficulties in relationships and intractable problems.Often, such a dream indicates upcoming financial difficulties.

The dream interpretation of psychologist G. Miller gives a different answer to the question of what the lover dreams about. Such a dream suggests that soon you will encounter annoying courtship and more serious troubles. If, however, in a dream, you were in a stranger's bed - this is a sign of serious dissatisfaction in your personal life, it requires immediate change.

Islamic Dreambook

In the Islamic Dream Book, a lover is a sign of the search for carnal pleasures and beautiful earthly life. This is a symbol of temptation, which is better not to succumb, in order not to face serious problems in your personal life in the future.

According to Melnikova’s dream book, the lover in the girl’s dreams foreshadows her soon, but not too successful marriage and the birth of a child. For a woman, a quarrel in a dream with a lover means a quick change of a partner in your personal life and a stormy parting.

What can a lover dream about?

According to the dream textbook of the 21st century, if a man dreams of a lover, this indicates his excessive passion and impulsivity, disregard of the arguments of reason. It is necessary to curb emotions in order to prevent trouble and to avoid negative changes in your personal life.If a woman sees a mistress of her own husband in a dream, there will be a serious family quarrel, you need to really try so that she does not lead to divorce.

Dream Miller

This interpreter gives an even more interesting answer to the question of what the lover dreams about. For a representative of a strong is complete, for example, it is a sign of the upcoming public shame, which later will badly affect his reputation. If a lover suddenly changes a man in a dream, in reality he will have to face enemies, and the result of the clash will be unpredictable.

Dream of Karatova

To dream a mistress, with whom you have already parted, means a speedy restoration of a broken relationship. However, there is no guarantee that the newly inflamed passion will not end with a new painful break.

If in a dream you see a love triangle, most often it speaks of the need for changes in your personal life, finding answers to urgent questions. However, timely heart-to-heart talk can improve the situation.

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