What is the wedding - 24 years?

Leonid Veselov
Leonid Veselov
May 31, 2012
What is the wedding - 24 years?

What kind of wedding 24 years later can be remembered as a joyous event? Only the brightest. The time spent together is a huge layer of spouses life. If they were able to maintain their warm relationship over such a long period, then they really were rewarded with love. Let's find out which wedding is celebrated after 24 years of wedding. What wedding is celebrated? So:

24 years from the date of the wedding

This date, according to Russian tradition, is called a satin wedding. Why exactly this material acts as a symbol of the 24-year period of living together? Atlas is a lightweight, durable and flexible material, which is also distinguished by its own gloss and luxury. Relationships such as mutual respect, love and spiritual warmth are established between spouses after 24 years together.

Any products from the atlas can act as a good gift for "young". You can present a tablecloth, bedspread, bed linen. All products from the atlas will surely delight the heroes of the occasion. Remember that the next year the life of the spouses will be 25. Therefore you should not give too expensive gifts.24 years is also an important period of life, but still, not an anniversary.

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