What are cold calls and why are they needed?

In the field of telephone sales there is such a thing as “cold calls”. What does it mean? This is calling potential customers to sell them any product or service. The main feature of this system is that calls are made without warning, and customers most often respond “coldly” to such an initiative and are reluctant to contact. In some countries, such services are prohibited, but in Russia the number of companies that use them to increase the number of clients is growing every year.

According to statistics, more than 90% of such calls last less than 1 minute. And most of this time the manager listens to "we are not interested in this." Therefore, it is precisely in these 60 seconds that it is necessary to endear a person and draw him into the conversation.

In addition to cold calls there are warm. If a customer has heard about a company selling goods, communicated with managers at an exhibition or a sign with its products, then it is considered a warm contact.

The term “cold calls” includes b2b sales (business to business) and calling individuals.

the main task

The purpose of such a service is not an immediate sale, because the client has never heard of your company. First you need to tell us what you are producing or offering, then find out whether your products can be useful. The next step is to provide a detailed description of the services provided or to arrange a meeting with the company's employees.

Before you pick up the phone, it is necessary to study a large amount of information regarding the specifics of the potential buyer’s business and to understand whether he needs the products offered. When talking, your awareness will help to “break the ice”, and make the dialogue warmer.

Most often, telephone sales are divided into two stages: first, the cold call manager finds out the need for the product, the next move is made by another specialist who performs the transaction itself. Such a system works quite efficiently.

Informed means armed

If you plan to do cold calls, you need to know the following:

  1. Thoroughly examine the product that you are going to offer. This will add confidence, and you can safely answer questions.
  2. Most often, companies offer a ready-made base of potential buyers, so you just have to say out loud several times the name of the company and the name of the contact person in order to pronounce it without hesitation into the handset.
  3. Consider in advance a possible conversation scenario, prepare answers to various questions, including incorrect ones.
  4. Find on the Internet as much as possible information on the client to arrange it to yourself.
  5. The work should be started only in a good mood, without tension, then your voice will sound more soft and comfortable.

We work out an effective technique

  1. The main task is to simplify the beginning of the dialogue, for which it is necessary to come up with such phrases that the manager does not respond with a refusal in the first seconds. Do not start a conversation with a description of your company.
  2. You should not hope that without an established dialogue, someone will like your proposal.
  3. It is necessary to call about, not connected with the sale, otherwise in response you will hear either short beeps or obscene expressions. The dialogue is easier to establish with the person who is offered to get something free, for example, a test sample or a visit to the exhibition.
  4. Define a portrait of a person who needs your products, make up questions on which you can understand his needs. For example, if you sell cars, then you can ask: “Do you own a personal car?” If the answer is yes, then you have a potential buyer.
  5. To become a good manager of cold calls, you need to systematically make at least 300 calls per day. With each phone number, your professionalism is honed, experience and self-confidence is added.
  6. Always remain calm, confident.
  7. Do not be afraid of failures and learn to work with objections.
  8. Cultivate communication skills.

Finally, the main advice: never forget that the secretaries and managers who communicate by telephone, literally from the first seconds of the conversation, calculate your intentions and do not even let you say a few words. Therefore, you will have to come up with hundreds of scenarios of possible conversations in order to select the most effective ones.

Let the work of a cold call manager not to everyone's liking, but it brings good income and develops stress tolerance in a person.

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