What are the ways to deal with fear

You can cope with fear in different ways. Someone turns to specialists for help, and this is the best option if fear is no longer controllable and gradually turns into a phobia. But, fortunately, with its lighter forms, you can cope on your own.

Method 1. In the pool with his head

For many people, a kind of shock therapy is effective. If fear is not directly related to the risk to life, then you should try to dip yourself in its very epicenter. For example, if a person is afraid of flying on airplanes, it should be done as often as possible, gradually accustoming himself to the idea that nothing terrible will happen. Or if there is a fear of the crowd, then the best option would be to spend more time in large crowds. At first it can be very uncomfortable, even panic attacks. In this case, it is necessary that there be someone nearby who will help, support in a difficult second, and prevent fear from being overwhelmed.

Method 2. Gradually overcome

For those who are not yet ready for shock therapy or even do not even consider this treatment option possible, there is a more benign method. Its essence lies in the daily overcoming of at least some element of fear. The main thing - do not sit still, do not stay within the comfort zone. And over time, most likely, the fear will gradually disappear.

Method 3: Add a fun item

Fear is just a reaction of the psyche. He is amenable to control, change, transformation. If you mentally bring fear to the extreme, to present an absolutely absurd situation, then the brain will automatically cease to perceive it as dangerous. There will be a desire to laugh at the amazing stupidity of what is happening. This is exactly what you need. Laughter in this case serves as a real medicine, a magic pill for fear.

Method 4. Representation of the worst option

This method is not very pleasant, but more often effective. It is necessary to relax in a quiet home environment, close your eyes, and then in paints to imagine how something that causes terrible fear happens. For example, if a person is afraid to disgrace in front of people, say something wrong, then you should see with your mind’s eye how an unpleasant situation occurs.It is very important to colorfully present both the possible reaction of those around you and your own, to feel all the emotions, no matter how uncomfortable they may be. And then you need a couple of times to take a deep breath and open your eyes.

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