What can not be saved?


The question of saving on one’s own life is especially acute in times of crisis. However, savings do not always produce the expected benefits. Saving on certain things is fraught with costs in the future, so before you reduce the cost of them, you should think about the appropriateness of their own actions.

Moderate thrift is commendable, but sometimes it reaches a critical point. This behavior is called stinginess, the consequences of which are unpredictable. Let's define a list of things, the economy of which is fraught with negative consequences.

Miser pays twice

Saving on what is fraught with additional costs?


The effects of saving on health are always unpleasant. First, remember, never buy cheap products and convenience foods. Healthy food today will provide a strong body tomorrow. Include fortified foods of plant origin in the daily menu. Eating exclusively pasta, sausages, cheap sweets and other products that are used in the diet of the average family, you risk to spend much more money on medicines than on healthy food.

The second, but not least important note: saving on visiting a dentist is the worst idea possible. Timely detection and elimination of problems with the teeth guarantees the health of not only the oral cavity, but also the organs of the digestive system. Saving on medical care, accumulate capital will not succeed.

The third item on health, says that you can not save on vacation. Regular stress, fatigue, increased stress do not add to our health, so depriving yourself of rest is not worth it. A full rest is a guarantee of absence of problems not only with a physical condition, but also with a psychological one. Finance spent on vacation is a contribution to a happy life without any health problems.3


Education increases the level of intellectual ability. A highly educated person is more likely to get a prestigious job with a decent income. The cost of education is a contribution to a comfortable future.

Connoisseurs of their business are needed at all times - both in times of crisis and in a period of prosperity. Everyone has the opportunity to study without exception. In the age of information technology, you can obtain additional education remotely by spending a minimum of funds.

There are websites that offer discount coupons for courses (language, manicure, massage, computer, etc.). For education it is enough to have free time and desire. Abandoning the opportunity to improve qualifications or obtain a new skill is inexpedient and extremely unwise.


The need for housing renovation arises sooner or later for everyone. Planning repair and compiling a list of future costs, read the information about what you can not save. Repair errors are made the same, and many articles have been written about it.

Why it is impossible to save on repairs? Low-quality materials, unprofessionalism of builders, small at first glance, shortcomings lead to a real catastrophe. And it is much more problematic and more expensive to remodel than to do works from scratch.


No matter how useless the insurance did not seem, it gives reliability and guarantees in the future. Saving on health and personal property insurance is fraught with financial difficulties in the event that could become an insurance case. Suppose when you lose the ability to work, the money received under the insurance contract will come in very handy.

Pleasures and gifts

Not regularly, but still small presents for loved ones and things are useful for your own pleasure. Rejoice in delicacies that do not allow you to buy constantly. Indulge in beautiful things. Attend concerts and performances. Infrequent pleasures are the key to maintaining a positive mood, feeling of happiness and harmony. Gifts for loved ones, in turn, will maintain friendly relations. Well, who does not like the process of choosing and giving a present?4


Buying substandard things for your own wardrobe, you really pay twice. After all, a piece of cheap material will not last long. Cheap clothes and shoes are finances thrown to the wind. Things acquired in the markets, quickly lose an aesthetically attractive appearance and come into disrepair. Determine the style that suits you, and stick to it when choosing things. Let the thing cost more, but you are guaranteed to wear it, and it will not gather dust on the mezzanine.

Take care of sales. Think of what pushes the seller or manufacturer so much to reduce the cost of the goods. Purchasing items with a global discount is not always beneficial.

Purchase products for which the warranty period. If during the warranty period something happens with the purchase, there is a chance to get your own money back.

More about shopping

Buying some items, you risk a cheaper sell at your own expense if you decide to save. An expensive item will last longer than a cheap, but similar in functionality item. What is not recommended to save?

Footwear. The number one thing in the list of what to save is destructive. Do not reduce the cost of what separates you from the earth's surface. In contrast to poor-quality clothing, cheap footwear delivers a lot of discomfort and turns life into a real hell. Poor-quality shoes will lead to cracks on the heels, calluses, unpleasant smell from the legs, problems with the knee joints and other charms. And cheap shoes wear out disastrously quickly.
High speed internet connection. Probably, this is not worth talking about. But no matter how strange it is, not everyone uses high-speed connection. Do not spare money on the Internet. It is extremely unpleasant to wait for a movie to load for evening viewing or to refresh the site page, hoping that at least once it will appear without errors.
Instruments.Masters who perform their duties poorly scold tools, and professionals who are experts in their work acquire high-quality ones. What is the point of spending money on tools that break when first used? It is more expedient to buy what will pass fire, water and copper pipes, and as a result it will become a family heirloom, transmitted from father to son.
Bread. Yes, yes, the same product of the daily diet. But what kind of bread and where do we buy it? Believe me, the bread from the bakery is different from what is offered in a stall near the house.
Knives. A good knife worth its weight in gold. They are pleased to cut products, it is sharp and aesthetically appealing. It is pleasant to hold it in hands, to use in kitchen, to wash, and just to contemplate it. At least once in their lives, everyone suffered from the fact that the knife does not cut, but crushes the bread. A quality knife is not cheap, but using it once, you will realize that it is impossible to use a cheap device.2
Linens. The soviet sheets, on which we have become accustomed to sleeping since childhood, do not provide a comfortable sleep. Having bought high-quality bedding, you will finally learn what it is to get enough sleep.
Sushi and rolls. Do not buy them in supermarkets and cheap establishments.No profitable shares are worth the disappointment in the taste and quality of this dish. Yes, and cheap products do not poison long. It is better to buy a dish more expensive and guaranteed to taste the original taste of Japanese cuisine.
Underwear. Garments that crush, bump into the skin, fade during the first wash - the choice of miser. Underwear should be comfortable, and therefore expensive.
Vegetables and fruits. This is a snack, which is many times better than sandwiches and sweets. Especially if herbal products are bought during the season on the market, and not in the supermarket. Save on a healthy diet can not be. Vitamins and fiber guarantee protection against colds during the cold season.
Shaving foam. Cheap tool disappears from the face instantly, regardless of the thickness of the applied layer. The consequence is irritation, which does not add attractiveness. With expensive shaving foam, you don't even feel like shaving.
Jeans. No cheap jeans will not sit as you want. Stylish things cost money. Jeans with sales definitely have a flaw - or hang where not necessary, or too tight, or the designer provided them with a trifle, which makes the thing disgusting.
Alcohol.By consuming cheap alcoholic beverages, you do not understand the difference. If you try out alcohol, which is considered to be elite, you realize why it has such a value and what people pay for. If you are already drinking alcohol, do it with the least damage to your body. In addition, the taste of an elite drink is nicer than beer from a stall.
Perfume and cosmetics. Beauty requires money. It is a fact. Do not be stingy.

Saving is good, but in moderation! Calculate your own budget, understanding what you can save, and what cheap things create problems.

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