What clutches will be fashionable in 2015?

The women's handbag is not only a storage for things, but also a bright and stylish accessory, which may well be the accent of the image. Any lady should certainly have a clutch. But what clutches will be fashionable in 2015? Let's figure it out!


Fashion trends

If you want to choose a clutch bag that will be fashionable in 2015, then first learn the most fashionable trends of the next year:

  • Variety of forms. It can be both sharp and rounded corners, as well as various shapes. In general, the rectangular clutch customary for many people is far from the only option.
  • Variety of colors. The times in which the handbag had to be matched to the tone of the shoes, and the possible colors of the shoes were few, long gone. And today you can afford a clutch of almost any color, including bright or even “acidic”.
  • Convenience. Most models of clutches are equipped with comfortable handles, straps and loops that make the toe more comfortable and comfortable. So now your hands can be free.
  • Decor. In general, a clutch is not so much a container for things as a bright accessory.So let this very accessory be catchy and unusual! Choosing a clutch bag, do not be afraid of creative decorative details, they will be more than relevant next year.

Forms and models


Fashionable clutches in 2015 will have the most diverse and at times very bizarre forms. Here are the most current models:

  1. Classic clutches. This model is almost the very first. It was they sewed in the XVI-XVII centuries. At that time, these accessories were generously adorned with various stones, beads, gold threads and so on. But the modern lady such luxury is also available. And especially in the future season will be a retro-style clutch on an elegant chain, similar to a reticule. By the way, for this trendy and chic accessory it is worth thanking the fashion house Dolce & Gabbana, because it was his designers who offered to recall the 30s of the last century and plunge into that era of elegant coquettes. These clutches will be perfectly combined with the most chic evening dresses. But for everyday wear this option is not suitable.
  2. Incredibly small, but at the same time almost universal clutch wallets in 2015 will also be in trend. This handbag is the smallest among all the others, less than it simply can not be. And this means that you have to carry with you only all the most necessary things.If you are ready to give up the mountains of unnecessary things that are often present in the bags of girls, then feel free to choose a clutch-wallet. This model, by the way, is not only practical, but also universal, as it will be combined with both stylish jeans, and with a strict office suit and even with evening dress.
  3. If you prefer minimalism and ingenious simplicity in everything, then pay attention to the flat clutch, which is a cross between a bag-folder and an envelope clutch. A kind of clutch folder. There is not much to put in here, but real business ladies take with them only the most necessary things. But clear lines, ingenious and elegant simplicity and feminine elegance will make your look unique. But this accessory is best combined with strict and concise clothing, for example, with a pencil skirt, straight dress pants, blouses and shirts, fitted coats and shoes or boots with heels.
  4. Incredibly popular will be folding clutches, which have already managed to catch the fancy of many. And this option is ideal for unpredictable girls. For example, if you went to the store and, in addition to lipstick, you also purchased a skirt, then an elegant and miniature clutch can easily transform into a convenient and very roomy handbag.True, comfortable and functional? And still such models differ in original design. This clutch is ideal for everyday wear, but it can be combined with a strict suit. But in the evening dress is better to pick something different.
  5. Want something original and bright? Then be sure to pay attention to clutches with a rigid skeleton. One of the variants of such a model is already familiar to many and is a clutch box. But this is not the only option, because the forms can be the most diverse and intricate, and in this everyone was convinced by the designers of the fashion house Versace. Original and bright look round clutches, as well as clutches in the form of some kind of fruit or objects. This model will be perfectly combined with cocktail or more restrained business dresses.
  6. The original and bright accent of your image will be a clutch box. It is a small box with an overhanging beautiful lock, which is an important part and an obligatory attribute of such a model. Such clutches are usually worn at the small handle, but some of them are equipped with a comfortable strap. Required chic decor,which will make this accessory even more original. Such models are combined with evening or cocktail dresses, but not suitable for everyday wear.

Color spectrum


In the future season you will find a real riot of colors! So fantasize and do not restrain yourself, but remember that the clutch should be combined with your outfit. And especially the classic black and gray, as well as ginger, emerald, blue, scarlet, burgundy, yellow, mustard, orange, pink, mint and turquoise will be relevant. Do not be afraid of "acid" shades, sometimes they are appropriate.



In the future season will be fashionable clutches with floral, plant and animalistic patterns, abstract or geometric patterns, with inscriptions and with intricate painted elements.



If you study photos from fashion shows, you can understand that the designers were not afraid to use the most unexpected and unusual, and sometimes simply inappropriate materials for making clutches. Here is what will be especially relevant in 2015:

  • Habitual for many skin and suede. These materials are universal and practical, and also suitable for everyday wear.
  • A skin of reptiles, that is, a crocodile or snake (or imitation). It is also very bright and fashionable.
  • Want to be a gorgeous lady? Then pay attention to the fur. An extravagant fur clutch will make the image original and rich. But here about an artificial fur you have to forget, it will look ridiculous.
  • At the fashion shows were presented plastic clutches.
  • If you like epatage, then get a metal clutch.



Clutch is an accessory that will look banal and boring without decor. So remember which elements of the decoration will be the most fashionable in 2015:

  • Feathers. They were loved not only by accessories designers, but also by fashion designers. But here it is important not to overdo it.
  • Original look clutches, decorated with fur.
  • Models with stones will make any image bright. By the way, the clutch can be completely embroidered with stones, and it will not look ridiculous.
  • Actual pearls, beads and beads.

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