What doctors need to pass during pregnancy

You will need
  • Medical policy, passport, exchange card.
To get doctors during pregnancy, get registered. To do this, make an appointment with the gynecologist at your place of residence. If you wish, you can contact one of the private clinics. After confirming the state of pregnancy, the specialist will initiate an exchange card and direct you to undergo all the necessary tests. In addition, he will mark on the map those specialists whose inspection will be required to pass.
Before going to the doctors be sure to pass all the necessary tests. The results of some of them will not be available immediately. After the tests, you can go to the clinic at the place of residence and register with all the necessary specialists.
First of all, register with a cardiologist. Many hospitals have long queues for an electrocardiogram.The cardiologist will make a conclusion about your health condition based on the examination and the result of the ECG.
Be sure to make an appointment with an otolaryngologist and an oculist. The conclusion of the oculist in many cases can be decisive. Women who have certain vision problems may be given a caesarean section. Be sure to tell your doctor about what you came to the survey before you start taking. The specialist should not only check your eyesight, but also assess the condition of the fundus and the possibility of retinal detachment during labor attempts.
Be sure to visit the dentist. If you have any problems with your teeth, do not refuse their treatment. On certain terms it is not contraindicated. Damaged tooth enamel and carious cavities can become a gateway for infection.
After completing the passage of all specialists, visit the therapist. This doctor will be able to write a conclusion about your state of health based on a personal examination and data obtained from other doctors.
If your age exceeds a certain limit, or there were some problems with hereditary diseases in your family, the gynecologist may order an examination by a geneticist.To visit this specialist, sign up for a specialized center for family planning and reproduction.
After going through all the doctors and receiving the previously passed tests, visit the gynecologist again, who will be able to create an individual pregnancy monitoring program based on the results of all previous examinations.

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