What does a dream mean in which you see the soul of a person?

Family Dream

In many dream books, the soul separated from the body is interpreted as evidence of the internal conflict between the Ego and the spirit. A person who has seen his own soul in a dream will face a difficult choice on which his fate will depend. The souls of dead people most often come in a dream to warn of danger or to support in a difficult moment.

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The dream of the soul
Why dream that you see the soul of man

Dream Dream Thelomena

If a person sees his soul in a dream, it means that he is distinguished by his generosity and honesty in relations with others. If in a dream you see yourself as an incorporeal ghost, then in reality you are in danger because of your own selfish desires, pettiness and stupidity. Such a dream warns about the responsibility for their actions.

Loss of soul - evidence of missed opportunities and regrets about this. If the soul moves away from you, it is a reason to think about the correctness of the decisions made.Soul abduction is a dream for people who have unfulfilled desires and goals that have not been achieved. The dark soul warns of the presence of enemies who are ready to destroy you.

The soul of the deceased in a dream can warn of danger, especially if this person was close to you during his life. If the soul asks you for something, it means that it needs to be remembered. It is advisable to go to church and put a candle for the repose of a man whose soul you saw in a dream.

The souls of your children or parents dream if they lack your attention and care. If in a dream you see how the soul of your friend leaves the body, perhaps in reality you will receive a news of his illness or death.

You should always listen to what the soul is trying to tell you or show. Perhaps this will help avoid a serious danger or mistake in making an important decision.

Dream Vanga

The vision of one’s own soul is an indicator of a person’s piety, decency and mercy. To see how the soul leaves your body is to face mortal danger in reality. You may have a test in the form of a serious illness.

If in a dream you care about saving your own soul, in reality you will have to turn to God, and only in this case you will find harmony and peace of mind.

East Dream

In the east, a dissenting opinion about what the human soul dreams about. Oriental sages believe that at night the soul travels to other worlds and gains knowledge there that a person can use in reality.

Therefore, they are advised to listen to what the soul advises in a dream. According to the interpretation of Oriental dream-books to a sick person, the soul he sees promises a speedy recovery.

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