What does a tattoo on a hand mean?

Dmitry Medvedev
Dmitry Medvedev
July 24, 2012
What does a tattoo on a hand mean?

We like to be special and individual. Day after day, we prove to ourselves and society that we are unique. Some people just need to maintain a certain style of clothing, hairstyle or something else, but for many of us this seems insufficient. Therefore, we use other methods of self-expression, such as tattoo, piercing, etc. Let's stop at the tattoo. We all have seen or even have certain tattoos on our body, but do we know their meaning? We make a tattoo on the face, on the back, on the shoulder blades, on the legs and on the arms and even in the intimate areas.

Preparing your body for tattooing, you must carefully choose its location. There are a number of places that are subject to stretching and deformation: the stomach, neck, lower back, buttocks, thighs. They are least recommended by tattoo masters as the original design can stretch or shrink over time. The tattoo on the arm is least affected by any changes with proper care.What does a tattoo on a hand mean? When you put a tattoo on your arm, it will only mean what is depicted in the drawing itself. The value of the image you choose yourself. For example, a cat: independence, cunning, stubbornness.

The meaning of a tattoo on a hand acquires meaning only when a certain symbolism, a distinctive sign or this tattoo of a person from places of deprivation of liberty is applied. In other cases, the tattoo on the arm is the decoration of the body and the expression of oneself: the name of a loved one, a drawing, a hieroglyph or a pattern.

So, whatever you decide and which part of the body you choose, never forget: the most important thing is to think carefully about the meaning of your tattoo so that it expresses your beauty and individuality, and does not become a burden that you want to get rid of and reduce it. . Good luck!

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