What dreams of dishes?

Yuri Belousikov
Yuri Belousikov
August 6, 2012
What dreams of dishes?

In this article you will learn about the basic meanings of dreams with dishes: why dream of dishes.

Dishes in a dream often directly indicate what is connected with it in real life. For example, beautiful and clean dishes indicate that in reality you are an economical and tidy owner. If in a dream you went to the china shop, it may mean that you will succeed, because you will pay attention to the smallest details in the business you are doing. But for a girl, sleeping with a china shop is also good, but in her own way. He promises her a respectable, good husband. But if the store shelves are empty, and she herself has a neglected and unattractive appearance, this may indicate some losses. If the dishes in the shop or at home are metallic (not gold or silver), this may mean constrained circumstances.

What dreams of dirty dishes? Dirty dishes, seen in a dream, often means that in the future things may not go exactly as you would like, so be careful.But clean dishes, by contrast, promise a variety of life's benefits and suggests that a person in life comes a period of prosperity, especially if the dishes are white. If you are in a dream looking at shelves with clean dishes, then this can speak about all sorts of material benefits, good prosperity, and prosperous life. If you arrange the dishes in a dream - to successful affairs, and if the dishes are also beautiful - this is a happy and successful marriage and a secure life with your loved one. Therefore, if you dreamed of dishes, pay attention to the degree of its purity and how beautiful it is.

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