What exams to take an economist?

Natalya Safonova
Natalya Safonova
February 12, 2013
What exams to take an economist?

The choice of future specialty when entering a university is a difficult task. To pass the entrance test requires a lot of strength and knowledge. Often, in high school, future applicants already know where they would like to go to study further and, accordingly, concentrate all their strength on the subjects that will be required when they enroll in a particular educational institution. To evenly distribute their capabilities, it is desirable to more or less accurately represent what exactly will be on admission. For example, the entrant chose the university economic profile. What exams to take an economist?

In most educational institutions for future accountants, financiers, etc. Examination in mathematics, Russian language is supposed (by the way, these subjects are required for admission to almost any specialty). In addition, you will need to pass social studies and / or a foreign language.Some faculties have the opportunity to choose these subjects, and in some we must pass the exam in both subjects.

You can clarify which subjects you can take on an economist at your chosen institution by calling the applicable commission or on the website of this university, where, as a rule, you can find answers to all applicants' questions of admission.

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