What foods contain carbohydrates?

I think it is no secret to anyone that carbohydrates are probably the most important source of energy for the human body. This is understood by many, however, not everyone knows what foods contain carbohydrates in the quantity necessary for proper nutrition.

However, to begin with, a few words about why a person needs carbohydrates. The simplest and most accurate answer: carbohydrates in the body are responsible for the formation of energy in the muscles and internal organs, and they are also one of the most important elements for the normal functioning of brain tissue. In other words, without carbohydrates, we can neither fully move, nor fully think, nor ensure the normal functioning of all systems of our body.

It should also be noted that carbohydrates are heterogeneous in composition and are divided into:

  • simple carbohydrates - monosaccharides and disaccharides
  • complex carbohydrates - polysaccharides

Carbohydrates such as glucose, fructose are monosaccharides, disaccharides include maltose and sucrose, and polysaccharides include cellulose, starch, and glycogen.We now turn to products that contain carbohydrates ...

Carbohydrate foods

Most of the carbohydrates found in foods of plant origin are various cereals (rice, buckwheat, oats), beans, black and white bread. Also, a lot of carbohydrates are found in confectionery - chocolate, cookies, caramel, marshmallow, etc. There are a lot of carbohydrates in sugar, various jams, ice cream and, of course, in various fruits and vegetables. The most common carbohydrate consumed by humans is starch - it takes up to 80% of the volume of all carbohydrates combined.

What do you think: which starch products have the most? In a potato? That is not guessed. Wheat, semolina and rice are the richest in starch (an average of 70 g per 100 g of product). Slightly less than it in rye bread and pasta - 64 g per 100 g of the product on average. Next comes cookies (about 53 g or 53% starch in 100 g of biscuits) and peas with beans (45 g or 45% in 100 g of legumes). In the same potato per 100 g contains only 18 g of starch, that is, 18%. Here it is necessary to mention the degree of starch digestibility in the body when using certain products.It is best for the body to digest starch obtained from rice and semolina, then from millet and barley, buckwheat and barley groats. These products must be recognized as the most valuable sources of carbohydrates for humans.

In which foods most carbohydrates

Note that the daily rate of carbohydrates is approximately 55% of the caloric content of the daily diet and can be from 250 to 500 grams per day, depending on weight. If you are overweight, you do not need to abuse foods rich in easily digestible carbohydrates. It should also be noted that carbohydrates such as, for example, fiber orgranizmom not digested, but are essential for good digestion. At the end, we’ll give you a short list of the most carbohydrate-rich foods: what foods contain the most carbohydrates ...

  1. Rice, starch, marmalade, cereal - more than 70 g per 100 g of product.
  2. Buns, pita bread, bagels, cakes, rye flour, wheat and corn flour, waffles, crackers, drying, egg noodles, pasta, straws, sweet buckwheat, barley, barley, semolina, millet, chocolate candies, apricot, milk chocolate, dried apricots, halvah, condensed milk, prunes, jam, raisins, dates, jam, candy - more than 50 g per 100 g of product.
  3. Bread, rye cakes, glazed curd bars, dried apples and pears, oatmeal, Hercules, peas, beans, cakes, bitter chocolate and nuts - more than 30 g per 100 g of product.

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