What is an oasis?

Anna Piskunova
Anna Piskunova
February 2, 2015
What is an oasis?

Caught in the desert, where there is almost no vegetation, and the wind does not save the onslaught of air temperature, you are likely to experience a strong desire to find a corner with moisture and greenery to quench your thirst and stay a little in the shade of the scorching sun. Such saving corners are called oases.

About where the oases are found and what it is, read below in the article.

What is an oasis: the definition

Oasis is an island of vegetation in the desert, located near a natural reservoir that is fed by inland waters. In the usual sense of the island, we are much more accustomed to finding land in the ocean. Here it is exactly the opposite.

Where do the oases meet?

Characteristic places of oases spreading under the action of groundwater are arid and desert areas. Sometimes there are also oases that were intentionally created by people by drilling wells, but these are artificial oases. People often speak about the oases of the African continent in the area of ​​the Nile River. They also exist in South Asia near the Indus River.

Handmade oases sometimes reach gigantic proportions.Cairo once grew out of an oasis, while the cities of Phoenix and Salt Lake City position themselves as oasis cities.

It would probably be a mistake to think that oases are characteristic only of hot climatic conditions. Not always the case. For example, in the Antarctic there are other oases. There are areas where there is no ice or snow cover.

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