What is BC?

Galina Mirzahmedova
Galina Mirzahmedova
March 18, 2015
What is BC?

BC - the field of scientific knowledge and academic discipline. It stands for life safety.

What is BC as a scientific field?

As a field of science, the Belarusian Railways solves the problem of studying the environment in which a person exists, in terms of the dangers threatening him. Discipline is also aimed at studying and developing complexes of protection against hazards to the lives of people in industry, in public places. Both natural and man-made and man-made are considered as negative factors that can affect human health and life.

Academic discipline BC

In the process of studying, skills are formed on the recognition of factors dangerous to humans, their prevention, the choice of effective methods of protection and liquidation of consequences, and the creation of safe conditions for life.


  • personal safety (lifestyle choices, labor protection);
  • collective security (protection of the population, legislation);
  • preservation of the environment (wise use of natural resources, waste management).

From the content it follows that BC is a subject that is designed to form safe behavior skills.

Difference from OBZH

As an academic discipline, the Belarusian Railways is included in the program of universities, the subject of the course “Fundamentals of life safety”, developed on the basis of scientific achievements in the field of Belarusian Railways, is taught in schools.

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