What is borax?

January 12, 2015
What is borax?

Borax is a large-sized, colorless crystals that dissolve well in water. This substance can crystallize in a monosymmetric system. Borax sometimes has a grayish color and can only be used after processing.

This substance melts at a temperature of 60.8 degrees. If you melt borax with a blowtorch, the fire turns yellow and the mineral turns into colorless glass. When figuring out what a borax is, you should also familiarize yourself with the scope of this substance.

Borax application

Mineral is actively used for the following industrial and domestic purposes:

  • For the production of multi-colored glass, fiberglass and fiberglass;
  • For the manufacture of glazes and enamels;
  • In the production of antifreeze, brake fluids and various lubricants;
  • As a flame retardant or antiseptic in the production of building materials such as ecowool, glue or chipboard;
  • As a flux when welding or brazing;
  • In the paper, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries;
  • As a preservative;
  • As a disinfectant;
  • In chemical studies as a substance that determines the concentration of solutions and the quality of metal oxides;
  • In photography as a slow action developer;
  • As the main component of oxygen-containing household chemicals - cleaning, bleaching and detergents;
  • As a raw material from which the antioxidant reagent is obtained - boron oxide.

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