What is encephalopathy

By origin, encephalopathy can be congenital and acquired. Congenital encephalopathies occur under the action of damaging factors on brain cells during fetal development, and their degree of severity largely depends on the duration of pregnancy, on which this effect developed.
Acquired encephalopathy can be conditional enough, due to its occurrence, to be divided into vascular, toxic, dyscirculatory, post-traumatic. For all of them, a further increase in manifestations is characteristic with continued traumatic effects, but timely treatment allows reducing symptoms of the disease.
The basis of any encephalopathy is hypoxia of the cells of the cerebral cortex, with multiple hemorrhages occur, further aggravating the symptoms of the disease. In congenital encephalopathies, the main manifestation of the disease becomes delayed psycho-emotional and physical development, but often the symptoms of the disease are detected rather late.Acquired forms of the disease are manifested by impaired memory, reduced learning ability, the acquisition of new skills and the loss of those that the patient already had.
To diagnose the disease, it is necessary to examine the patient by a neuropathologist, who may, if necessary, prescribe additional methods of investigation. But usually the need for this occurs only in newborns, while performing nuclear magnetic resonance imaging, encephalography, brain ultrasound allows you to specify the extent of the lesion and determine the prognosis of the disease, prescribe the necessary treatment. It helps to prevent the progression of the disease and reduce the severity of symptoms, especially in the presence of seizures.
With acquired encephalopathy, it is important to timely establish the diagnosis and prescription of treatment, which affects not only the physical condition and well-being of the patient, but also the state of his psyche. Prescribed drugs that affect the very cause of the disease (if possible) - the level of blood pressure, metabolic processes in the body (with renal or hepatic failure, with poisoning) and cerebral symptoms.

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