What is harmful "cola"?

The product, which is the largest US brand, whose production and distribution covers more than 200 countries of the world, cannot be left without close observation from outside. The main task of this attention is to determine how the product is useful, and most importantly, what harm it brings to the environment. Coca-Cola is a vivid example and the question of how harmful Cola is, is still relevant.

The chemical composition of the drink

Sparkling water, designed to quench a person's thirst, is not always helpful in use. The main components of the popular drink are water, sugar (sugar substitute “aspartame”), caffeine, carbon dioxide, orthophosphoric acid, caramel and carmacin dyes, preservatives, natural flavors. Now in more detail, than Coca-Cola is harmful.

Details on each ingredient

Sparkling water, more specifically carbon dioxide, adversely affects the gastrointestinal tract, disrupts digestion, and causes heartburn. It adversely affects the functioning of the liver and biliary tract.

The sugar substitute (“aspartame”) is 200 times sweeter than sugar itself. Once in the body, aspartame breaks down into amino acids and methanol. Methanol is a poison for the human nervous and vascular systems.Do not be scared immediately, you need to drink 27 liters of Coke per day to get poisoned. Among the amino acids - phenylalanine, it is contraindicated for people with impaired metabolism. The accumulation of this amino acid and its toxins lead to damage to the central nervous system. Aspartame, as an artificial sugar substitute, also leads to an artificial stimulation of thirst, so the tonic effect of Coca-Cola is imaginary.

Cola is contraindicated for diabetics because it contains a huge amount of sugar. Excessive consumption of the drink may increase the constant content of glucose in the blood and, as a result, diabetes.

What is harmful cola yet? Food supplement or dye karmazin is prohibited for use in Norway, Sweden and Austria. It is a dangerous allergen, especially for a person with asthma. In Russia, it is allowed.

The most harmful component

Phosphoric acid is a component that requires special attention. She has several negative factors. Excessive content of this acid in the drink leads to the leaching of calcium salts from human bones. They are washed into the bloodstream and further deposited in the kidneys. A double negative is obtained, at first the bone tissue weakens due to the removal of calcium, and then stones form in the kidneys.If carbon dioxide, dyes, aspartame can be present in other carbonated drinks, then the negative effect of phosphoric acid on the kidneys is characteristic only of Coca-Cola. Add that phosphoric acid destroys tooth enamel and paints the teeth yellow.

Caffeine, an alkaloid known. It is found both in coffee and in teas, chocolate and medicines, but in combination with the components listed above, it dispel doubts whether Coke is harmful. The diuretic effect accelerates the process of excretion of minerals useful for bone. Magnesium, potassium, sodium, water and calcium are not excreted in urine along with urine.

Preservative - sodium benzoate, it is able to inhibit the enzymes that break down fats. This leads to overweight. There is also a high sugar content in the drink.

Here is an extended description of the components that make up the modern Coca-Cola. Whether Coca-Cola is harmful and drinking it is up to you.

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