What is included in the overhaul?

Alena Anisimova
Alena Anisimova
April 8, 2013
What is included in the overhaul?

You have decided to make a major overhaul of your home, but before you begin, would you like to know what list of works you have to do? Repair is not a simple enough process, which is a complex of various activities that are aimed at creating a different look or restoring the condition of a room.

Types of repairs

At this time, various types of repair in the office, apartment or in any other industrial or public premises can be divided into 5 main types. This is a redecoration, refurbishment, maintenance, scheduled repairs and major repairs. Among all types of repairs, I would like to single out a major overhaul, because the word “capital” itself is translated from Latin as the main, main, significant. What is included in the overhaul? Let's see this today.

Overhaul is the most important and essential type of repair, thanks to which the appearance of your home will change drastically.The list of work on the overhaul includes not only the complete decoration of the premises at a high level, but also implies the replacement of various old communications with new ones. Most often, such repairs are carried out in an emergency condition of an apartment or house (or in a state of a dwelling close to it). That is, when it is inevitable and simply necessary.

What refers to the overhaul

Overhaul is not only cosmetic finishing of the room, which includes wallpapering and painting, as well as complete rearrangement and treatment of walls and floors that have become unusable. At the same time, such works as dismantling, screed, plastering, puttying and updating of slopes, painting, wallpapering, as well as plumbing and electricity are often carried out. It includes overhaul and installation of partitions, laying tile, laminate or parquet, linoleum flooring. Install or update all doors and windows.

Quite often, a major overhaul includes both high-quality, serious finishing of the room and complete or partial redevelopment (that is, a major change in the whole look of the apartment).However, I would like to note that such changes require some knowledge in this area, therefore, if you do not have adequate experience in such matters, it is not worthwhile to engage in such alterations without professional builders.

Often, a major overhaul of the premises begins with the work of the designer, who has to think over the entire future interior of the apartment in advance, taking into account the wishes of the owners, and only after the approval of the project, you can begin to repair it yourself. It is also very important to choose a high-quality finishing material on which the quality of the repair and the service life of the finished room directly depend.

We hope that this overhaul, we figured out. We wish you good luck and speedy completion.

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