What is intuition?

Andrey Kim
Andrey Kim
May 14, 2015
What is intuition?

The word "intuition" came to us from the Latin language, in which there is a noun "intuitio", which translated means "contemplation", and the verb "intueor" means "I look intently". Let's see what is intuition in the Russian language.

Intuition is ...

Intuition is the process of finding a true solution without logical analysis.

There are two ways of knowing - intuition and logic.

Logical knowledge is the comparison of facts and the conclusion on their basis of a certain decision. The basis of intuitional knowledge is early experience, imagination, insight, "intuition."

The introduction of intuitive thinking mechanisms is one of the most difficult tasks for developers of artificial intelligence systems.

Many psychologists say that intuitive knowledge is most common among women, a strong half of humanity is used to making decisions, guided by logic.

Intuition as a method of knowledge was considered in antiquity. In the teachings of Plato, for example, there was the term "non-discursiveness", which meant - knowledge without reasoning.

The famous psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud defined intuition as a hidden, unconscious first principle of creativity. Many philosophies understand intuition as a divine revelation, the term is also actively used in mysticism and the occult sciences.

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