What is onion?

Elena Melnichenko
Elena Melnichenko
February 4, 2015
What is onion?

The word "onion" refers not only to vegetables in a garden garden. Recently, it has been widely used in the world of fashion and style. It is important to understand what is onion in this field, as the use of this concept is gaining momentum: it can be found on the pages of glossy magazines, on the Internet, in programs about fashion, boutiques and even in everyday life.

Meaning of the word

In fact, the word came to us from the English language: look [onion] - "appearance", "appearance", "appearance", "appearance". It can be said that this word describes a certain image of a person, and not only clothes, but also hairstyle, make-up, shoes and accessories (handbag, beads, glasses, earrings, belts, etc.).

Although this term is not liked by many today, fashion representatives nevertheless believe that it helps to convey the meaning more clearly and accurately (probably not all of them are familiar with the word “image”). Each designer aims to create a successful, impressive "bow", which will make others pay attention to you.

Interestingly, the word is also used in the plural: bows.The word synonymous with it is another borrowed “set”, i.e. all the same images. Many magazines offer their readers to get acquainted with the novelties of fashionable "bows" and track the trends of a particular season.

For a native Russian speaker, this word undoubtedly seems barbaric, but many of them are firmly seated in the language. Whether the word "bow" will take root on Russian soil is not yet known, but whether to use it in his speech or not, everyone will decide for himself.

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