What is painting?

Perebasova Evgenia
Perebasova Evgenia
July 19, 2012
What is painting?

Painting from ancient times accompanies human life. Rock paintings tell us about the life of primitive people. What is painting?

Painting: definition and types

Painting is a type of art, which is the application of visual images with the help of paints on the base.

In the modern world, this type of art also includes the creation of images using digital technologies, and the works of art themselves, made by these methods.

In addition, painting is an important way to convey the reality, feelings and state of mind of a person. In addition to the paintings depicted on canvas, painting includes painting walls, vessels of complex shape, wood, cardboard, paper and other surfaces. Painting often accompanies architecture.

By the nature of execution and purpose, the following types of painting are distinguished:

  • Monumental - decorative is a type of painting that helps to create an atmosphere of an architectural structure or ensemble (wall paintings, panels).
  • Decorative (decorations, costumes).
  • Icon painting.
  • Thumbnail.This type of painting is used to illustrate books, manuscripts.
  • Panorama - writing an image with a circular view, and creating the illusion of reality.
  • Diorama - creating a curved image.
  • Easel painting.

What is easel painting? This is an image of paintings that are perceived separately from the world around them. So to say the picture created on the machine - easel. For the most part, works of easel painting are exhibited in museums.

In this article you have learned a little about painting, about the beautiful form of visual art, which has been pleasing us for many centuries.

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